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Thread: Posts getting deleted again

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    Posts getting deleted again

    I am getting irritated of this. This is the second time I've had to make a thread about this shouldn't happen again. I'm well aware of the rules, I've read them clearly.

    No, at this point, it's plain ridiculous. There is a mod existing out there who thinks my opinion deserves no space on this forum. Deleting my posts because you disagree with me should be the worst crime a moderator could do and I can only hope that you archive posts in a hidden board rather than deleting them on the face of the earth. If such a board existed, you would see how unjustified any action that would have taken place was. I have a well versed opinion, I spend luxurious amounts of time typing them up and I've been a member of MangaHelpers since 2009. I have no goal to make people mad or offend them. If this was such a mission of mine, I promise you it would've happened way earlier than this.

    I don't deserve this. Two posts deleted on the same night. Most of the times I don't save my posts but I did it this time just in the slight event that something ridiculous happens again. After being brutally insulted by this guy who mocks my intelligence, goes largely off topic, and calls me pretentious, I decide to spend a good amount of time replying to him, breaking down his post sentence by sentence and why it's irrelevant to the topic without insulting him at all.

    Here's the longer post I was able to save but there was one other that I didn't and now people are getting frustrated that I'm not replying to them (why? because my posts are getting freaking deleted!!):
    Spoiler show

    There was no warning or action, the post was just simply removed. This post was long. Because of this, I can only assume that this moderator is clearly not assuming their job correctly, which is to take care of trash on the forum and then warn the user not to do it again. Because chances are, if it's not addressed, it's going to happen again. I was never addressed. And there was nothing wrong with my post. If anything, there was so much offense in the post I was replying to, I'm honestly appalled that it wasn't removed when it was posted.

    I have reason to believe that because there was no warning in place that this moderator simply had no justified reason to remove my post.

    I don't want this moderator to PM me like last time. What I want the moderator to do is PM an Admin about this crap who will talk to me so we can both discuss this.

    Thanks. If this thread gets deleted, you're out of luck because I have this saved and will try to identify an admin here who I can talk to.

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    Hound of Shadow 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member benelori's Avatar
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    Re: Posts getting deleted again

    There was a warning...a general warning in the thread...I admit it was under spoiler tags, but the spoiler tag was called A short Moderator Disclaimer...that means that it should be read by everyone who contributes to that thread, especially the thread creator, and of course the posts after the warning should be in conformity with the warning.

    That warning wasn't respected by you, therefore posts have been deleted.

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