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Thread: Da Tournament Rules

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    One Piece Da Tournament Rules

    One Piece Tournament Rules
    • Bashing and Flaming are prohibited. Trolling, pic spamming, one liners will provoke your own doom. Bashing and flaming goes both for other users and characters, excessive bashing of characters is not allowed.
      Needless to say that constructive criticism, backing up your position, elaborating are much appreciated. Keep the civility.
    • Three advance to the next round, they will be green lighted, after the votes are in, so then in the first post of the thread they can be seen, they will be ordered from top to bottom, according to who got the most votes. Those that do not pass the rounds will red lighted, both in their respective threads and in the general thread for groups and rounds.In these preliminaries you voted for who loses.
    • Round 2 preliminaries your votes decide which two out of three candidates will advance. You vote for the winner (or 2nd).
    • Analysis and debate - even though it is One Piece and the characters are unpredictable, there have to be solid argument made as to why a character advanced if one chooses to back up his vote in the thread. Vote logically and debate with arguments.
    • One vote = final vote. Discuss your opinion and think it through before voting. Choose wisely, because we won't change the votes if you reconsider later on.
    • If you notice everything that is wrong, PM us. We will take of everything so all you have to do is enjoy the tournament.

      Questions go in the general discussion thread for the tournament. Other questions contact Akainu, Josef K., M3J, matzik1212 or Uriel. Picture credits to ~Coffee~.

    • All characters were grouped randomly. Avoid critiques about the groups. Feedback on the Hangout Thread.
    • Because the plot is moving forward and certain characters are being developed, they can only be considered as they have been "shown" (pic or text) capable of in the manga, except for the few characters that have been given a limit.
    • All fights will happen in a neutral place, no contestant has any advantage or disadvantage over his/her opponent.
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    Re: Da Tournament Rules

    Important! Since some of you do seem to have missed it, in this second preliminary round you vote for who you want to have in the tourney.
    The question is which 2 of 3 characters will advance and you have 1 vote. Use it wisely.

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