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Thread: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 603 Rehabilitation

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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 603 Rehabilitation

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryr View Post
    Unless Kisame actually travelled all the way to Konoha and see the statue of Madara there, he wouldn't really know how Madara looks like in the first place.

    It is very possible that Obito simply convinced Kisame that he is Madara using all the same BS that he has told Itachi, Kakashi, etc (i.e. "I am a former shell of myself", "I got a new space-time ability from transplanting my brother's eyes")

    Actually, even if Kisame knows how Madara looks like, Obito could still hide behind the mask and says how he is just a former shell bla bla, so nevermind...
    Madara was know worldwide, it's unlikely that statue is the only image left of him. Besides photos exists in Naruto world.

    And for example, Gaara and the others appeared to be perplex by seeing Madara with Muu, and it doesn't appear they just took Onoki's word for it. A also recognized Hashirama's face.

    So I don't really see how Kisame would not get to know Madara's face, especially when he asked Tobi to show himself.
    Quote Originally Posted by IChallengeYou! View Post

    did you say something about timelines?! naruto ate it NOM NOM NOM IT'S GONE.

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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 603 Rehabilitation

    Quote Originally Posted by blackjack612 View Post
    I would too. Pooing is inconvenient.

    Yagura was shown to be very young when he took up the mantle of Mizukage and under the control of Tobi. I actually don't think there's a big error here because the 'Bloody Mist' years might have predated Yagura and been rooted in the policies started by the yet unseen Third Mizukage. What we learn in the coming flashbacks about the Hidden Mist ninja that supposedly attempted Kakashi and Rin. Hell, we've seen the Second Mizukage and know him to be a brutal, lethal fighter who delights in fighting and bloodlust even if he doesn't seem particularly evil.

    That'd be going way to far. You're making it sound as though controlling bijuu and jinchuuriki is a special ability, but it's pretty common to the sharingan. In fact, it could be said that the purpose of the sharingan's dojutsu is to subjugate the tailed beasts. Sasuke was easily able to subdue Naruto's beast right after the timeskip without having had any experience doing so or particular knowledge besides general information learned from his clan. And there are other considerations in this comparison:
    • Obito's genjutsu wasn't absolute. He at times had to rely on ninjutsu (those stakes) to dominate unruly beasts.
    • The only time he's been shown controlling Yagura, he was within a close distance.
    • Itachi's genjutsu works without gestures at time, is unbreakable except towards kin, and can be cast over (apparently legendary) distances.
    • Shisui's genjutsu was more than illusions. Illusions can be broken and when over the caster is no longer under it's sway. Shisui's most powerful genjutsu could implant foreign ideas undetected in the victim. It was closer to limited use mind control or Inception.
    LOL! inception!!! .
    anyway,what do you mean when you say that itachi's genjutsu work except towards kin? Kin was a fodder ninja from the sound,the one defeated by shikamaru at the chunin exam.

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