Hey, im the new guy on the block, iv been drawing ever since i can rememeber started off with DBZ, i was crazy in love with it, slowly began moving away for it and checking out other animes. Iv been playing around with various drawing style and most recently iv been adding colour cause i thought i might make my work more appealing.

Top 5 Anime's are
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Cowboy Bebop
-Hikaru no go

Top 5 Manga's are
- Death Note ...(ya)
- The Breaker/New Wave
- FullMetal Alchemist
- Bakuman
- God of Highschool

Hopefully you guys like my art, tell me what you think of it, likes, dislike all that good stuff.

You guys can also check me out on Deviantart for updates and stuff, Favourite, Comment and Watch- Thanks

Deviantart - http://kira09kj.deviantart.com/

My three newest -

Angelo S. (Oc)


Keya - (This one was request)