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Thread: XO Sisters by Park Seong-Su & Hwang Seong-Won

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    XO Sisters by Park Seong-Su & Hwang Seong-Won

    Genre: Comedy, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Romance, Harem, School Life, Supernatural

    Author: Park Seong-Su

    Artist Hwang Seong-Won

    Description: When Jo Cheul-Hee, a powerful delinquent, gets transferred to a new school he immediately decides to try and take control but his plan quickly unravels when he discovers he's been tricked and sent to an all girls school under the pretense of being gay. As he storms off campus, he gets in a fight with one of the female students and is KO'd in one hit. Something about the punch strikes him as odd and yet somehow familiar and proves to be his introduction into a world of things he could never have imagined.

    My Thoughts: I would describe XO Sisters as a fun series with great artwork and a story that is funny and lighthearted. If you've read much supernatural action or martial arts series a lot of the core building blocks of the plot are going to seem familiar but that's not necessarily a bad thing; because those building blocks work.

    It's a thoroughly enjoyable read and I'd recommend pretty much anybody looking for a fun story to read check it out.

    Where to Find it: Amoung other places, you can read it here.
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    Re: XO Sisters by Park Seong-Su & Hwang Seong-Won

    Ohh, one of my favorite ones !!!

    Untill now chapter 12 was my favorite:

    Spoiler show

    But I must admit it that despite quite of a lot of fights which are shown in comical way. This is actualy one of the most hilarious series I have ever read...
    Spoiler: sample from originally colourful manhwa Tower of God show

    It never ceases to amaze me:
    "How are authors of famous manhwa / manga,... able to create such amazing works???"

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