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Thread: Code:Breaker

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    Re: Code:Breaker

    Quote Originally Posted by <.Haruka.> View Post
    agreed on this.. just the scenario showing yuuki first before toki ain't cool. If i recall the manga storyline, putting up Hitomi to challenge Yuuki wasn't on the story either. Though if its just a 1 season anime (especially if its 13 episodes).. it figures they'll fit in the main characters abruptly thru the storyline.
    Though, after I kinda cool my head up and rewatch the episode with neutral viewpoint, I think it's very impossible to do it in only 13 episodes though...since...

    Spoiler show

    Quote Quote:
    Anyway, i'm not much familiar with the kansai-ben dialect, but I think Yuuki should show atleast that in the anime.
    Don't exactly understand what you mean by that though, since he DOES talk in Kansai-ben in the anime (even though his seiyuu does admit that this is his first change with the dialect).

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    Re: Code:Breaker

    Not even going to give this anime a go, was actually planning to watch it because I was so excited for code breaker anime adaption.
    I hate it every single time a lackluster studio mess up the hard work and high quality manga.
    Well, was kind of expecting it anyway seeing how kinema citrus is not an anime company that will be able to handle long term projects, not to mention such
    a long manga like code breaker but they could use it as their big break.
    Too bad.

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