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Thread: What If Scenarios

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    What If Scenarios

    This thread about discussing what if scenarios. The ones in particular i'm interested in are:

    - If Kenichi became Kensei's disciple, during his training in the mountains
    • Kenichi likely would have became a Dou type always trying to become more powerful and switched to Satsujinken.
    • Kensei would have taught Kenichi a lot kill techniques like he promised and used his specialization training to make him grow faster.
    • Kenichi might of became a Sei Dou type

    - If Sho Kano was Ryouzanpaku's disciple from the beginning instead of Kenichi
    • Sho would have likely had been able to take harder training because of Kuresimago body and progress faster because of that and his talent.

    - If Ryuuto never became crippled

    - If Miu Became part of Yomi

    - If Kajima and Sho Kano weren't around, and Ryuuto wasn't crippled who would be the
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    Re: What If Scenarios

    First about Ken-chan...
    1. I actually doubt that even if he choose be not only Ryozanpaku's, but as well Kensei's disciple he would have turned to Dou type user. As he already seemed to be a Sei user. The thing that Elder actually tested there if Kenichi will go by Sastujinken or Katsujinken. He wanted to know why he needs power. Either he wants the power to protect the ones who are important to him or will he become just a person who is thursty for becoming powerful to challenge new opponents and kill them.
    2. I believe that even if Kenichi learned actual super strong moves, he wouldn't have used them in a manner to kill a person, since he is caring for any person, even his opponent deep down in his heart and he can't kill a person and sometimes even harm his opponent too much, even though a person might even be bad and even tries to kill him. That was one of the most important traits of his character during the entire manga. And it's one of the most important reasons, why he seems weaker than he should be sometimes. And only, when he is unconcious like, when he was against Kano Shou, then his real potential shows up.
    3. I doubt it is possible to actually become Sei-Dou type user as it is said to ruin body and mind of the user at the same time.

    About Kano Shou...
    I believe you are right about Kano Shou being able to endure harder training in comparisson with Kenichi and he would have progressed considerably beyond than he already was, when he fought Kenichi.

    About Ryuto...
    1. If he never became crippled, then he might have already been if not the strongest Yomi, but at least around current Kajima Satomi's level in terms of overall power and abilities.
    2. If he wasn't crippled and Kano Shou and Kajime Satomi weren't in Yomi, then Ryuto would have become a leader of Yomi. At least it's my opinion. Even though I believe Ryuto's actual aim, when he founded Ragnarok was to overthrow Yomi. Though he didn't succed. It's one of the most unfortunate moments for me that he lost his ability to walk... He was a great character and a fighter and it's a shame that he can't get his legs back to work. Maybe Ma and Akisame could have done something?

    About Miu...
    Well, if she became part of Yomi, I believe she would have been chosen to inherit all th techniques of One Shadow Nine Fists, but I believe she would be a disciple of her father the One Shadow.

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