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Thread: Bleach Tournament II - Rules Thread

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    Bleach Bleach Tournament II - Rules Thread

    Before the tournament start, we would like you to go through certain rules that you all must follow .

    Bleach Tournament Rules
    1. No flaming of ANY character
    All posts containing character flame will be deleted immediately. This is a common forum rule, a breach will not be tolerated. Criticizing a character itself is allowed as long as it is constructive criticism.

    2. No bashing, perviness and more
    Even if you don't agree with someone or if you feel bad over the loss of your favourite character, please don't bash another member, the fight or anything else. Also, as attractive as some characters can be, let's refrain ourselves from pervert talking.

    3. Threads and polls
    Keep in mind this is a mangahelper staff project for you. I know some people try to be helpful and start the poll/thread on their own. Please don't do this. Leave the polls, the threads, the updates, etc to us. Once the fight has ended, the topic will close. If you feel like you have something to say afterwords: there's always the Bleach Tournament Discussion Thread which will remain open permanently during the whole contest.

    4. About the votes
    You can now change your vote if you change your mind during the course of the discussion. Click on the "Unvote" link and vote for the other.

    5. Characters can only be considered as they have been "shown" (pic or text) capable of in the manga, except for some characters that might have limiter on them. Or you can say we may limit some characters to make the tournament more open and enjoyable for everyone.
    • This means you can't consider things such as the bankai(s) or hollowfication of characters that have not been shown yet.
    • Sternritter don't have their bankai-stealing medallions.
    • Fullbringers don't have Ichigo's stolen powers.
    • Ichigo will compete in the tournament using the form in his fight against Quilge.
    • Ishida can't use Quincy Final Form.
    • Starrk will be able to use his resurreccion as if Lilynette is present.

    6. All fights will happen in a neutral place, no contestant has any advantage or disadvantage over his/her opponent. External factors will not affect the battle itself.

    7. Information about other character will not play any part in this tournament. It means, all characters are unaware of others techniques, abilities, or mindset.

    If any of these rules are broken, you will be warned. We won't warn you endlessly, so keep in mind that these rules may also justify an infraction (or even worse).

    Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact Miyagi, thornofcarrion, kkck, Hakuteiken, M3J or MiyamotoMusashi. We will be more than happy to help out.

    We emphasize, to make the Tournament more enjoyable, please be active: Discuss the fight and Defend your vote.

    So let's end this with a simple:
    Have fun!
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