Uvo, he was the best man total tank and bad ass. His simpleness made him an every man sort of guy..Plus Big Bang Impact Sheesh!

Feitan cause he inhibits coolness through his pours...He has dark hair, He's short, fast, an assassin...He just deadly and that's what I love about him.

Shalanark This guy makes you feel like you could make it into the Spider. He's like the most outta place member but he's smart, level headed and manipulate's Ppl from his cell phone. His design is simple and looks like a good guy. Idk what it is but he's very likable

Phinx's very loyal and at first cold cna calculated but he has a heart somewhere. He's much more likable after the Chimera arc.

Chrollo is just Emo looking. I like his Hatsu stealing ability and the way he leads the Troupe I believe those are the most impressive things about him that and fighting Senior Zoldyck's and surviving.