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Thread: Haunted Mansion (short story)

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    Haunted Mansion (short story)

    'Tis just a short story I made up at school,during hours in which I had really nothing to do,and out of boredom I decided to make short stories every time I get bored.

    Haunted Mansion

    The mansion was said to be haunted,but none of us believed it.As we were standing in front of the mansion,we decided to enter.As soon as we opened the door,a howl echoed throughout the mansion.It shattered our courage,but we still entered,thinking that it was just a lonely wolf in the forest nearby.We were 2 girls and 2 boys,who wanted to see an abandoned house.Not even in our wildest dreams could we have imagined what would happen.

    We slowly stepped inside.In front of the door,there were stairs that led to the upper part of the mansion.We separeted,the girls went upstairs and we went to what seemed to be the living room.A terrible mistake.The living room was full of blood,scratches on the walls,human skulls laying on the floor,pentagrams drawn on the floor.It looked like the living room was used as some kind of ritual room.As I was walking through the room,looking at some small statues on a desk,my friend screamed.I turned around to see that blood was dripping through the ceiling.The blood could only come from one of the upper rooms.What frightened us was the fact that the blood was fresh,and it was dripping in an insane amount.We rushed upstairs,and we searched the rooms to find the girls.We found a locked door.Beyond that door,we could hear a knife cutting through something.Our hearts started racing and we kicked the door until it broke.Then,we were paralized for a few seconds.A creature was cutting one of our friends.When it finally noticed us,it jumped out through the window.We saw in horror our friends killed,and the smell and sight made us puke.We thought only one thing:that we have to escape or we would also die.We ran down the stairs as fast as we could.However,the door leading outside disappeared just like that!We wanted to jump out through the window,but all the windows were gratted!In our desperation,we ran through the mansion,searching for a way out.The whole mansion became a labyrinth,in which we lost our way.After a long time,we sat down,tired of running.Again,I heard a wolf howling.This was more than surely a bad omen.We decided to move,although we had lost our hope that we would find a way out and escape.Although our hearts were beating really fast and we were really scared,our minds were crystal clear.We went to the living room yet again.The things we thought to be scratches on the walls were in fact markings,some words in a foreign language.As I was studying them,trying to descipher them,I heard a scream behind me.I saw in horror how that "thing" killed my friend and it disappeared!Now,I was alone in a mansion where all my friends were killed.I knew that I would be it's next victim.And I accepted that I would die.At that moment,all the fear I had inside turned to anger and I was determined to avenge my friends,even if it would cost me my life.I searched the whole mansion,and found in a storage room a bow,a sword and pistol.I took them,and then I started to search for the creature.While I was walking through the living room,I heard a noise behind me.I pulled out my pistol,turned around and started shooting,without looking at what happened.That was a big mistake.It looks like my friend somehow survived and managed to make a hole in the floor.When he climbed up,I pulled the trigger and killed him.Although he was dying,my friend thanked me.I made the biggest mistake in my life.As I was standing there in silence,watching my friend,I heard yet another noise.This time however,I instinctively knew that it was the creature.I turned around,saw the beast,and mercilessly shoot it.Amazingly,the beast wasn`t wounded,nor did it seem to be afected by the bullets.I pulled out the bow and fired a few arrows.They didn't have any effect either.When the beast lunged at me,I took out my sword and swung at the creature.Yes!It wounded that beast!I started to swing the sword everywhere around the creature,hoping to kill it.However,the beast knocked me down,and I lost my weapon.My heart was filled yet again with fear,and screaming I got up and ran.I kept running until I fell down some stairs.Then everything went black.

    When I finally regained consciousness,I realized that I was in the cellar,the same place from which my friend made a hole.Also,I noticed that there was a very strong smell in the air.It was the stench of death.Countless bodies were dumped on each other.As I stood up,I saw the bodies of my friends in front of me.A tear shined in my eyes.They were dead.Then,the creature appeared behind me.It punched me.It's strength was so great that I was sent flying in the wall.When I got back up,I realized that the creature was in fact a man.A disfigured man.He laughed a short,insane laugh!
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