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If this ability was something that could be acquired then as the pirate king's right hand, I believe Rayleigh at least would have done so and taught it to Luffy. Instead we have two prominent D's as the only people so far confirmed to have it, it could be a coincidence but I firmly believe it isn't.....Also there may be a many D's as you say but the story has never focused on them enough to show us whether or not they had it so we can't speculate on that either
i never said it can be acquired... even if rayleigh told about this ability to luffy(which i highly doubt he did) still it wont be shown anytime soon...i know zoro having such ability has a very slim chance...and its highly possible that it belongs to people with D only but this has not been confirmed yet...and that is why i thought that specifically mentioning that zoro can listen to breathing sounds of objects might have something to do it with it...

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Actually it is : presence (COO), Fighting spirit (COC), Aura (COA). Here
agreed...i got confused but after reading it again its clear...thx