I wanted to do something like this since i joined but never had the time.Cause of my job i travel alot in and out of the country and the best way to pass the time is to read something. On longer trips books r fine but mangas r much more compact and faster so i read a lot.

This thread will be updated irregularly since i cant keep up with a schedule work and all but will do my best to post my most recent findings.....hopefully. or till someones tells me not to I will also give them based on demographic rather than genre since it will be much more easier. Lets cut to the chase;

The murky waters of shounen which you need a GPS, compass and a sextant just to find your way.
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I must admit this demo. is my least knowledgeable 1. Though it doesn’t mean there r no good 1s.

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This demo is another overpopulated 1. Thou the stories are much more diverse than either shounen or ahoujo the main problem being violence and nudity not being done in moderation. That being said without the restrictions of age, the stories can be much more deep and life-like.

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A very interesting demographic. Mainly the adult version of shoujo nowadays become the hunting ground of every manga fan for the interesting story lines.

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I hope you all good reading.