Hello everybody! My name's Rob! I'm an artist, writer, cleaner, re-drawer, typesetter, and a native English speaker (so, I do end up doing some proofreading as well).

I'm currently active at Forgotten Scans, and found out about the site through one of our translators being active here, so I figured I'd join.

I'm into playing video games, or also the drums, I like creating art and sometimes animation.
I also really enjoy all kinds of animated things. I suppose you could say that's one of my major passions in life.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, the easiest places to reach me would either be on my DeviantArt account at http://vigorousjammer.deviantart.com
There's also my Skype, which you can find by searching "VigorousJammer"
Or you could always just shoot me an e-mail: vigorousjammerx@gmail.com