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No, you don't need to apologize, I just wrote what crossed my mind ...

And your last post reminded me something other: What if the 10th Elder has been chosen to be the "lamb" to take the wrath of the Union upon himself unconsciously, in other words, his survival is already counted in Crombell plans, because if other Elders already had hints towards Crombell's intentions, it will be very good chance for him to let their attention off him by throwing the guilt (and other dirty stuff) on the "innocent" 10th Elder ... something like "look at him, he let 11th killed, so it's possible, he wanted to eliminate 12th too, so poooor 13th, he will be another target of the 10th" ... motive? Dunno, my imagination sometimes runs wild ... O

No need to take me that seriously Sometimes I wonder myslef, how I could come up with something so impossible
Lots of things seem impossible, or unlikely, until they happen. I see let your imagination run as wild as you can and see where it takes you. Because you just never know what's coming next.

Or at least I don't (see my prediction percentage for proof of that)

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Yeah, I am talking about that page. Usually the original tlers of a series (EGS in this case), who also take more time in their tls, are correct, but in this case, even the "he" is ambiguous. It doesn't necessarily imply Crombell there, as it's an ambiguous statement. It's not talking about Rai, but it could ostensibly be about M-21. With the apostrophes around the he, you'd think it would be special, but you never know.

On the other hand, MP's tl is radically different.

Also, the 11th Elder's beast transformation didn't mention anything about being a contractee of a noble, so perhaps whatever method is used to give a beast transformation without contracting with a noble produces a weaker result. However, it does appear that Franky used more power than he ever had previously, such as that explosion of purple power around him when the 11th Elder was in the air.
I suspect that the difference in presentation with how power is being shown is more a part of how the artist is playing with new stylistic changes than anything substantive. Which makes comparisons a little bit hard.

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Hum... About Crombell knowing Franky's the one who is causing all this mess, I don't think that's completely true. He suspects of him but isn't certain. They only clashed for a brief moment and Franky hadn't undone his seal, and we have been shown that even after releasing the seal and even after calling the dark spear out we still might not know the full extent of his power (Frosty mentioned the explosion of purple power). Crombell is quite probably weaker than Franky, so should not have realized his true strength. Crombell might even not be hugely strong, if I remember correctly I think it was stated he was promoted to Union Elder for his experimental/technological achievements, not his strength. Also depending on which translation we pick for the page which was mentioned in this thread, Crombell might need more time to face other elders (though that's not sure, it's a difference in translation, I personally think this interpretation is the right). Crombell seemed surprised when strong people died there in Korea, which shows he wasn't expecting such strength. Crombell is not sure it's him, he just turns to him because that's the only non-Union strong guy he knows there, but I never saw him show certitude of that.
My take is that Crombell only knows "something strong" is there.

For his purposes that's all he really needed to know. He sent Yuri there with the 12th there to essentially get in the 12th into enough trouble that Crombell would be able to pass him in the Union pecking order. The fact that he was ultimately killed was an unexpected bonus. Now that the Elder was killed though, I expect he wants to find out what is who or what did it, and how he can exploit that further.

He's figured out that there is some sort of powerful person knowledgeable in human modification but that's probably about all he knows; and I suspect he very little of what's actually in Korea beyond that. Considering Seira was such a surprise to everybody (including Yuri).