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Thread: One-Punch Man

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    One-Punch Man

    Title: One-Punch Man
    Associated title(s): ワンパンマン, Onepunchman
    Genre: Seinen, Action, Comedy, Supernatural
    Author(s): One
    Artist(s): Murata Yuusuke
    Publisher: Shueishia; serialized in Tonari no Young Jump (Shueisha)
    Start Date and End: 2012 and N/A.
    Chapters read at the time of review: 15
    Additional Notes:
    One has produced such works as Heroes of Fury, Makai no Ossan, and Mob Psycho.

    Murata Yuusuke is probably most famous for being the illustrator for the Japanese American Football manga Eyeshield 21. His portfolio includes titles such as Blust!, Donten Prism Solar Car, Heroes of Fury, Hetappi Manga Kenkyuujo R, Jump Super Stars, Madofuki Par, and Minds.

    The manga is also available to read online @

    The original webcomic by Murata Yuusuke is at:

    Short Summary:
    Saitama is the under-rated and underestimated hero One-Punch Man Caped Baldy. Armed with an unbelievable strength begotten by an even more unbelievable training, he delivers one-hit wonders leaving entrails in his wake. The only weakness he has is starting and ending a match with just one hit. Can Saitama ever find a worthy opponent he can fight when it's not discount Saturday at the grocery store?

    The art is drawn well from characters to surrounding environments. Murata Yuusuke does not disappoint. At times, Murara Yuusuke will downgrade the artwork to emphasize certain things particularly where Saitama might show disappointment. Whenever this is done, it only serves to accentuate the comedic aspect of One-Punch Man.

    One's artistic abilities pales in comparison to Murata Yuusuke but there is a charm in One-Punch Man's original art style. It gives has its own distinctiveness, and it accentuates the humor better.

    Saitama is the super hero One-Punch Man Caped Baldy. He was a mundane salaryman until one fateful day that changed his life. (Perhaps that's how most superheroes become superheroes.) It seems as if he is unstoppable!

    Genos is a cyborg who is seeking revenge. After seeing what Saitama could do, Genos sought to become a disciple of Saitama. At first, Saitama wasn't open to the idea but Genos' persistence paid off.

    This manga is hilarious. Saitama can't take any villain seriously. As an average hero, he often thinks that he over-did his training. At first I thought that he could not control his monstrous strength but that might not be the case. Saitama doesn't lack control but that he is no longer bound to operate in the normal parameters of the world. In fact, Saitama exceeds it to such a degree that his norm is far beyond societal norms. But because of it, it's hard for Saitama to find a worthy adversary.

    The art assets helps unfold the story well. At times, Murata Yuusuke might degrade the art asset to emphasis Saitama's emotions which adds to the humor of the story. The combination of the story and art work unfolds synergistically.

    Since this manga is about heroes, don't be too surprise to discover that there is a hero agency (Hero Association) that has hero rankings and disaster level ratings to assess a situation. There are three hero classes. There are also 5 disaster level classifications: Divine, Dragon, Oni, Tiger, and Wolf.

    The more I read the manga, the more I enjoy Saitama's character. He isn't over the top like the rest of the other heroes. Saitama is so down to earth. Is it because he's invincible or is it because being a hero is just a hobby? Unlike some heroes, Saitama is not blinded by a strict sense of duty or the philosophy that all evil should receive justice.

    Anyone that enjoy humor (particularly parody) should read this manga.

    Spoiler: Scenes from Chapter One show
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