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Thread: A Hidden Ocean ... 650 Kilometres below North America

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    Exclamation A Hidden Ocean ... 650 Kilometres below North America

    An Ocean carrying 3 times the water all the world's oceans has

    Main Pointers so far:

    1. This is so far one of the most suggestible theories that explains why seismic waves have been known to diminish faster about North America ( suggesting presence of "soggy rock"...So they seem to have inferred the mineral ringwoodite :/ Since it is one of the minerals found from volcanic eruptions...)

    2. Some have alleged there might actually be some biological processes there (including life ). Just allegations of course

    3. Rather than H2O...To be more accurate it's OH- (hydroxides) being contained??(Not sure if I understood that )

    This is all still obviously not proven 100%, but according to some groups of geologists and geophysicists it is rather likely.

    I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Would you believe there to be life in such a system?
    2. Do you believe that this body could possibly have something to do with our oceans on the surface?
    3. Would you ever wish to go down there on an expedition (purely hypothetically) XD
    4. Any other opinions of course are welcome. Just looking for an honest and open discussion after all

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    MangaHelper 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member kannazuki's Avatar
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    Re: A Hidden Ocean ... 650 Kilometres below North America

    I have to say I find it amusing that an old One Piece theory I (and probably others) have about "All Blue" could almost be true irl (if that was liquid water).

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    Re: A Hidden Ocean ... 650 Kilometres below North America

    Lol about all blue. Sanji already found it at fishman island though! Okay back on topic:

    1. This ocean needs to contain water and other organic molecules. If it is just OH- then it will be unlikely that there will be any life.
    2. Simply put, yes. Everything underneath the crust affects whatever is above it. Grounds can sink when too much groundwater is pumped from aquifers and wells. This is a known fact. There are many other things that happen and I will not go into that here.
    3. Yes, of course. Take me to the pillars of creation and take me to the center of the earth. I would love to do all these great things...or dream to do them.
    4. I do hope humans will not exploit this ocean and use it for the worse and ruin our little rock we call Earth anymore than we already have. We have tons upon tons of space junk. We have great trash heaps in the ocean destroying animal insides. If we drill this far deep into the earth, we should have mercy and not ruin this pristine area. Other than that, I do believe there is a great ocean of H2O underneath us. I also think there will be some form of life. Life evolved in some very very horrible conditions, well it must have been just right for the life forms back then though. Having heat and water together will produce life. Hell, life has preservered after numerous impacts. Scorch the Earth in a Fallout scenario and there will be life after so if is prudent to think life will not exist in liquid water far above or far below ground.
    5. I think we should leave God out of this topic to prevent any religious arguments because this thread is a very scientific one. I can just see this happening.
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