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Thread: Was things really necessary?

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    Re: Was things really necessary?

    Quote Originally Posted by M3J View Post
    He knew Kyuubi was inside him, or at least he was in some way associated with the Kyuubi. Naruto has said he knew about the other chakra but couldn't tell what it was from, or something. Either way, Naruto was in control, or in control enough to stop when he had to.
    Lol This is clearly going no where. Anyhow, I don't agree.

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    Re: Was things really necessary?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiba View Post
    i am lookin back at the whole story
    at the begin sharingan was just there for copying
    and some other stuff and mangenkyo from itachi was still also ok
    but then we get some other sharingans other abilitys
    i actually cant anymore count how many different sharingans exist
    and what they can
    get a skull guardian out of nothing then sharingan is connected with senju

    i mean how would the story if it wouldnt be like this
    when a sharingan would be sharingan and not god ike power

    not just sharingan but thats the most extended power thats why i am asking me why?
    My two cents are that such things can really snowball for all the reasons 3c said in his excellent post. Kishimoto probably wanted to be creative and impressive and just kept making things more powerful and things ended up losing all pretext of balance in the process. The way the Sharingan, and other abilities have evolved, is really just a symptom of that problem.

    Though I think that even abilities of this scale and power could have been kept balanced and under control if only their limitations hadn't been systematically removed.

    Take the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan for example, it is a completely unbalanced ability with no downsides. It essentially cheats the "greater the jutsu the greater the risk" principle on behalf of all the Sharingan's big techniques (and they were already half cheating). Naruto's Kyuubi mode is the same. Inexplicably the very nature of the Kyuubi's chakra changed so it's no longer harmful to him. FRS lost it's risk to. Chakra limitations for other shinobi have also been all but abandoned, there are some amazing breakdowns of how absurd Kakashi's chakra expenditure during this war has been; and that's par for the course.


    So essentially I think hyping up overpowered abilities created a problem and making them cheaper to use compounded that problem.
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    Re: was this really needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiha_Blood View Post
    After Sasuke's surprise attack, they hit each other once, and then there was no clear winner.
    After that is the clash between Chidori and Rasengan, meaning Naruto and Sasuke were equals.
    And Naruto didn't have the same speed of Sasuke, nor he had 2 tomoe's precog. He kept up, at the best of his abilities
    Surprise attack? A frontal attack can't really be called a surprise attack, and there was more then that single exchange. Even with the clash, Sasuke went down the falls and halfway to Naruto in the time it took Naruto to form his own attack. Sasuke clearly held the edge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiha_Blood View Post
    Byakugan sees way better than the Sharingan, its the only thing it has
    Further out and deeper in stuff, neither of which the Sharingan would lack understanding in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiha_Blood View Post
    When Neji was tired after 2 Kaitens?
    Against both Naruto and Kidomaru he uses Kaiten effortlessy. He was tired/damage because he got hit by Naruto's Kyuubi chakra
    He showed exhaustion against both Naruto and Kidomaru after a while, which goes along with the comment about it using a large amount of chakra. It couldn't have been damage from Naruto because the whole point was that his technique deflected that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiha_Blood View Post
    Not really disproving my point, since Madara is the strongest Uchiha to date and Obito was his apprentice, even though Obito didn't show mastery of weapons, he only used a giant shuriken, what Mizuki did in chap 1

    As for the Kage Shuriken or everything else, I don't buy them being able to fool a Byakugan, and even if they did, it isn't that difficult to knock out or dodge, like Zabuza and Itachi showed.
    The latter was hit both for his bad reflexes and because Sasuke wired the giant Shuriken
    Obito used those shurikens far more skillfully then Mizuki did. and the point is that they're all strong ninjas, yet still employ regular weaponry. Name one other strong ninja that uses normal weaponry regularly? Minato's the only one and even then, he only uses them because his unique technique requires them. Meanwhile the Uchiha's use them even though none of their techniques truly require the usage.

    Why wouldn't they be fooled, since it's hidden in a way to make it appear a single shuniken. And note, they're not meant to hit, but as an attack set up. Look at what happen with Deidara. Also, wiring it is the norm.

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