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Thread: Index, Rules and Guidelines

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    Exclamation Index, Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to the Information Technology section; an area which we hope should be of significant interest to many of our members here.
    The goal of this section is to discuss Information Technology; be it concepts, innovations, computer based (which will most likely be at the forefront) and anything that falls under that umbrella.
    Below will be an outline of some of the threads you can find here, some general and section specific rules, as well as guidelines.


    Here are some of the threads that could interest you in this section:
    • Apple and Mac- In this thread you will have topics discussions relating only to Apple and Mac products.
    • Microsoft and Windows- News, updates and discussions on Microsoft and Windows related products will go here, so if you have a question relating to this, or a point you'd like to raise, then this is the place to go.
    • Innovative Technologies and Concepts- Anything innovative involving technology and concepts will be included here.
    • Troubleshooting and Tech Support- Should you have any tech questions or needing any support, please post relevant queries here. Please bear in mind that if you need professional help then it's best to look elsewhere and be patient with the people who are volunteering their time to answer your questions.


    There are a quite a number of prefixes in this section, please try to use them accordingly when making a thread but also make sure you check the section for any current thread before doing so.

    • No Bashing: Please be respectful, refrain from non-constructive criticism, flame, and overly aggressive language.
    • No Spam: Please try to avoid posting any comments that do not contribute to the discussion.
    • One Line Posts: Please avoid one line posts, post fragments, and any posts that look more like chat messages or tweets.
    • For Profit Links: Do not post links to for-profit download sites without providing a non-profit alternative.
    • No Cracks or Warez: Please do not link to any software piracy sites or post any cracks, warez, or serials.

      Do not share or request pirated software under any circumstances and don't upload freewares to file hosting sites, share links to trusted download sites (such as,, etc.) instead.
    • Say Thanks: Rather than posting thank you, please use the thank/like button at the bottom of each post.
    • Be Neat: Please be sure that threads titles are clear and easy to understand.
    • Be Organized: Before starting a new topic, please be sure a similar one does not already exist.
    • Be Considerate: Please avoid rude language and inappropriate or overly sexual topics and pictures.

    A report button is located at the bottom of every post. The report button is a small grey triangle with an exclamation point at the center. If there is an issue, click the button and an alert will be sent to the moderators. There is an identical report button at the bottom of every PM. Clicking it will send an alert to the administrators. Reports are only visible to staff members. The identity of anyone who reports a post will remain anonymous.

    For the full list of our forum rules and guidelines, please check out the General Rules and Etiquette thread.

    On behalf of all staff, have a great stay and please do not hesitate to contact a local Moderator or any available staff member for any questions by checking the Forums Leaders page.
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