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Thread: Mafia Game Rules

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    Mafia Game Rules

    Game Instructions
    Click here for basic game rules.
    The MH specific game rules will be explained below. If you would like to play, please announce your participation in the "Mafia Game Discussion" Thread. This thread is strictly for playing the game. Thank you.

    Players will be secretly assigned two roles. One group will play the "Mafia" role; the other group will play the "townspeople" role. The townspeople will not know who other townspeople or Mafia members are. However the Mafia members will know who is a Mafia member and who isn't.

    During the day phase, all of the players debate the identities of the Mafia members and at the end each person will vote to eliminate a suspect. This is carried out in the "game thread". In the game's "night" phase the Mafia will discuss through PM’s (which will be sent to the host when it’s over) on who they should kill. They will then send the unlucky person’s name onto to the host. Play will then continue until all of the Mafia have been eliminated, or until the Mafia reaches the same number as the townspeople.

    A typical game will start with a minimum of 7 players, 5 Townspeople and 2 Mafia members. The members that will be Mafia and Townspeople will be chosen through a random list generator . Whereby the participating player’s names will be put in and after the randomisation the Mafia roles will go to the names at the top of the list. This is to avoid butthurt and favouritism accusations. :'[

    Lastly, the numbers of Mafia Members depends on the number of participants!
    Spoiler: Example show
    More rules on the two phases. The game will be split up into two phases: Day and Night

    Game Phases

    PHASE 1: DAY
    This is where you discuss/argue about who is and isn't mafia. As soon as the day phase starts, you are allowed to vote. The day phase will take place strictly inside the “game” thread. Any discussions regarding the day phase outside the thread will be dealt with severely.
    VOTE KILL [user]
    This will be the manner in which you vote. Make sure it is clearly displayed in your post though caps/coloured or bold font.

    You will be only allowed 1 vote change per phase. So use your vote wisely. Day phase will last about 24 hours, or until the host gets a majority on votes for one person (majority = half +1)
    The host closes the game thread during the night phases.
    There should be no discussion about the game during the night phase, regardless of the player being still in the game or already out.

    During the night phase, the mafia members will collaborate and choose who they want to kill. They will not do this in the thread, but via PM's with each other/other alternative communication channels approved by the host, such as piratepad.

    At the beginning of the game the Mafia members will be informed of the other members. The Mastermind (Boss) must PM the host telling them their choice for the night's murder and the murderer from his team. They should also pm the PM discussions separately. There can only be one murder in the night phase therefore the mafia members must come to an agreement.

    If the Mafia don't send in their night kill before the night phase ends, then their action will not be performed. The Mafia can also send in their night actions during the previous day phase, if they think they will not be online during the coming night.

    The time for the Night phases are set by the host.

    MH Specific Game Rules

    • Be active in every day phase and post at least three times. If you don't do that, you will be hostkilled and banned from future games (Hall of Shame). If you are going to miss out a period of time due to real life events make sure to inform the host, who is going to judge each situation individually and decide whether or not taking the player out of the game is necessary.
    • Place at least one vote every day phase. If you forget to place a vote you will get a Penality Vote on the next day phase.
    • Don't post more than 100 times per day phase. This is to reduce spam and the volume of posts per game. Nobody has time to go through hundreds of one liner posts with the same content over and over again (Imperium Copyright Rule). If you hit the volume restriction, you will get a Penality Vote per 10 additional posts you make.
    • Dead people can't talk. So don't post once your character is dead; do not help others once you are dead. You can however, lurk the thread. If you post regardlessly, you will be banned from future games (Hall of Shame).

    • Absolutely DO NOT discuss the game outside of the game thread (unless you are Mafia members discussing it with other mafia through pms/piratepad). This is so that people do not reveal their roles and ruin the game. Players violating this rule will be instantly hostkilled and banned from future games (Hall of Shame).
    • Do not directly comment on the current game, once you are dead. This is so you don't influence the players that are still playing. Violator of this rule will be banned from future games (Hall of Shame).

    • You are not allowed to post any screenshots, PMs or anything similar that can reveal your role, or the role of others. If you do, you will be hostkilled and banned from future games (Hall of Shame).
    • You are not allowed to pretend being a Daytime Vigilant, Cowboy, or other roles, that have Day Commands. If you do that regardlessly, you will get a Penality Vote.

    • If you disobey the roles above that are resulting with you being host killed and/or banned from future games, you will get registered in the Hall of Shame.
    • One violation bans you from the upcoming game.
    • A second violation of the same kind will ban you from the next three game.
    • A third violation and you are out from all upcoming games.
    • No amnesty or prescription until further notice.

    MH Specific Hosting Regulations

    • Each active player has to vote during a day phase. Each player has the chance to change his vote once.
    • A day phase can be ended earlier, if and only if one player has collected more than a half+1 of the second votes ("locked votes") of all players and each player has voted at least once (Absolute Majority Voting).
    • If by the end of the the regular time of the day phase two or more players have the same amount of votes, the second votes ("locked votes") are decisive. The player with the most locked votes is being lynched.
    • If one or more players have the same amount of votes and locked votes, each player is getting the possibility to change his vote one more time. The regular day phase is being expanded for the means of further discussions.
    • If the voting result is the same by the end of the expanded day phase, both players are being lynched.

    • During the night phase each player that has a role with a night action may send it in to the host via PM.
    • The player may or may not make use of his action. If the player misses the deadline and does not submit his action within the given time, it is seen as not used action. It is possible, however, to submit it before the start of the night, if the player already knows he has no time to do it later.
    • The night actions are listed in Priority groups. The higher the priority ranking, the more likely it is that the night action is being executed successfully. First actions to be performed are those from P1, then P2 and ending with P3.
    • If two night action roles from the same priority group target the same player at night a coin flip will decide which night action is executed first.

      (Prostitute, Hypnotist, Mafia Escort, etc.)
      (Doctor, Detective, Spy, Sickly Townie, Hider, etc.)
      (Mafia Member, Mafia Boss, Third Party, Time Bomb, Insane Doctor, Maison Recruiter, Pirate's Robbing, etc.)


    • Sane Detective (Townie): The Sane Detective 'investigates' one person per night phase i.e. ask the host through a PM about a players allegiance. The Sane Detective doesn't know about his sanity. (GAME 1)
    • Insane Detective (Townie): The Insane Detective can 'investigate' one person per night phase. This Detective will always get the opposite result of the Sane Detective. The Insane Detective does not know about his insanity. (GAME 2)
    • Naive Detective (Townie): The Naive Detective is not told that he is Naive. He thinks he is a normal Detective. The Naive Detective only gets Innocent results, regardless of who he investigate. (GAME 9)
    • Paranoid Detective (Townie): The same as the Naive Detective, with the difference that he always gets "guilty" as a result. (GAME 24)
    • Investigator (Townie): The Investigator can investigate a dead player, if his role is hidden because of the Janitor. He uses his ability by sending a PM to the host at night so that only he get to know the unknown role. (GAME 24) UPDATED
    • Spy (Townie): The Spy has the ability to spy on someone at Night and find out who they targeted. Does not, however, find out their target's actual Night Action. (GAME 31)
    • Paranoid Spy (Townie): The Spy has the ability to spy on someone at Night and find out who they targeted, but does not find out their target's actual Night Action. His result however is a randomized player name. He does not know about his sanity. (GAME 37)
    • Mortician (Townie): The Mortician can investigate a dead player. He gets to know which actions were used on him. He uses his ability by sending a PM to the host at night and gets to know the actions in chronological order. (GAME 37)

    • Sane Doctor (Townie): The Doctor can "save" a person per night phase i.e. He will PM the host during the night phase and can request to save a player. That player then cannot die during the night phase. (GAME 1)
    • Insane Doctor (Townie): The Insane Doctor has the Doctor's ability to prevent death, but has a 50% chance of killing his target instead of protecting him. The Insane Doctor does not know about his own Insanity. (GAME 5)
    • Naive Doctor (Townie): The Naive Doctor is simular to a regular Doctor, with the exception that he has no actually Power of Protection. He is told that he is a regular Doctor and doesn't know that he has no unique ability. (GAME 6)
    • Bodyguard (Townie): The Bodyguard may pick a person he wants to protect each night. When this person is attacked by someone, the Bodyguard becomes the target instead. (GAME 31)

    • Hider (Townie): Each night the Hider may choose another person to hide behind. If somebody tries to kill the Hider while he is hiding then the kill fails. If the person that the Hider is hiding behind is killed then both of them die. If the Hider is hiding behind the person (peron from a group) who tries to kill the Hider, then the kill succeeds. (GAME 3)
    • Prostitute (Townie): The Prostitute/Role Blocker chooses one player per Night to distract. That player will be prevented from performing his Night Choice, if he has one. It doesn't matter if the chosen player is a Townie or Mafia. (GAME 6)
    • Bulletproof Townie (Townie): The Bulletproof has a permanent protection from Night Kills. Any attempts to kill him at Night will fail. (GAME 6)
    • Sickly Townie (Townie): The Sickly Townie might choose a player each Night to infect who then can't vote in the following Day Phase, because he gets a cold. (GAME 6)
    • Healthy Townie (Townie): When the Sickly Townie targets the Healthy Townie, there will be no effect. He/She will be able to vote. (GAME 31)
    • Hypnotist (Townie): The Hypnotist changes other players' Night Actions by telling the Host who their target will use their ability on instead. (GAME 31) (taken out untill further notice)
    • Bomb Diffusing Townie (Townie): The Bomb Diffuser has the ability to diffuse any Bomb, and the Bomb's ability will be gone. He will PM the host at night to perform the action. He can only use his ability once. (Game 41) NEW
    • Bar Keeper (Townie) The Bar Keeper has the ability to invite 3-5 players to his bar every night. One random player of the chosen batch ends up being the drunkest and either reveals his role to the Bar Keeper, fails to perform his night action, or uses it on a random player. The Bar Keeper doesn't get to know the identity of the drunkest visitor. (Game 45) NEW

    • Freeman (Townie): The Freeman is like a regular Townie, with the exception that if he is killed during the night or lynched during the day the next Day phase is skipped. (GAME 2)
    • Bomb (Townie): If the Bomb is killed by anybody, the killer dies too. If the Bomb is lynched, then he kills the person who cast the final vote on him. (GAME 7)
    • Vengeful Townie (Townie): Vengeful Townie has a one-shot kill ability he can use immediately after being lynched at day. (GAME 8)
    • Death Miller (Townie): Death Miller is not only guilty upon Detectives investigation, but also revealed to be Mafia when killed. He doesn't know about his role and thinks he's a normal Townie. (GAME 9)
    • Innocent Child (Townie): A Townie, which gets confirmed by the Host on a specific date during the game. (GAME 24)
    • Jesus (Townie): Whenever he dies, he comes back to life 2 day phases after his death (for example, if he dies in night 1 he comes back in day phase 3. If he dies in day phase 2, he comes back in day phase 4). He dies as Townie. The host will announce Jesus' revival when the day phase starts. (GAME 31)
    • Miller (Townie): Miller is only guilty upon Detectives investigation, but is revealed to be a Miller when killed. He doesn't know about his role and thinks he's a normal Townie. (GAME 35)
    • Pirate (Townie): At a night of his choice the Pirate may choose a Townie he wants to steal the ability from. From that point in the game the robbed Townie's role changes to 'Townie' without him knowing it and the Pirate is free to use it as his own. The Pirate does not get to know which ability it is, however. If the Pirate tries to steal the ability from a Mafia or Third Party Member, the Pirate dies. (GAME 36)
    • Witch (Townie): If the Witch is lynched she may curse an other player, who then will die the second night after. (GAME 37)

    • Noble (Townie): The Noble is able to cast an extra vote in secret through PM to the Host. One "anonymous vote" will be added to the chosen person. The role can't be claimed though. (GAME 24)
    • Restless Spirit (Townie): If the player dies, he's able to cast a vote (and give his reasons for the vote) on the next day. (GAME 24)
    • Politician (Townie): The Politician can secretly make a player of his choice vote to his liking. The Politician PMs the Host during the day with the name of the player whose vote he wants to corrupt. The chosen player getting the PM from the Host with the name he must vote for, cannot associate himself with the Politician. If he slips up he gets three Penality Votes on himself. The role of the Politician cannot be claimed. (GAME 35)

    • Daytime Vigilante (Townie): Similar to Mafia or the Serial Killer this role has a killing ability, but instead of killing secretly at night, the player openly kills somebody during the middle of the day. After the daykill the phase continues as normal. Because it is such a powerful role it is restricted to an one-shot ability. (GAME 8)
    • Paranoid Gun Owner (Townie): The Paranoid Gun Owner does not choose when to use his ability, but if he is targetted during the night then he kills whomever targetted him, regardless of aliance. (GAME 10) But he has only one bullet in his gun. (GAME 37)
    • Badass Cowboy (Townie): The Badass Cowboy can challenge anyone to a pistol duel during each Day phase, where there's a 50/50 chance of him dying or the duelist. (GAME 31)
    • Time Bomb (Townie): The host decides before the game starts when the Time Bomb will explode, of which the player is informed. The night it shall explode, it can target any other player and blow him up. If the Time Bomb is killed before the time limit is passed it does not explode. (GAME 31)
    • Kamikaze Bomb (Townie) The host decides before the game starts the night by which the Kamikaze Bomb must explode, of which the player is informed. The player can choose to explode any Night Phase up to and including the Night Phase that the Kamikaze Bomb is required to explode by. To perform the action the player must send a PM with a target to blow up to the host at night it wishes to explode. If no target is picked and the time limit is reached it still blows up. If it is killed by any other means than its own ability, the attacker does not explode. (Game 41) NEW

    • Mason (Townie Cult): Masons are a Group of Townies that know each other to be innocent. They can communicate with each other at Night if they choose, but otherwise have no special abilities. (GAME 6)
    • Recruiting Mason (Townie Cult): A Recruiting Mason is a a Mason Group Leader that usually starts all by himself and tries to recruit one player each Night. He selects one player each night to try to recruit. If he picks a Pro-Townie Role, then that player joins the Group and is able to talk with other Group Members in the Group during the Nights. The Recruiting Mason dies if he attempts to recruit a Mafia Member or a Third Party. (GAME 6)

    • Traitor (Townie): The Traitor knows who is in the Mafia, but the Mafia do not know who the Traitor is. The Traitor works, through his vote to keep the Mafia from getting killed. The Mafia can choose at any time in the game to recruit their Traitor. Before this time, the Traitor appears innocent to Townie's investigations. However, the Traitor can only win with the Mafia side and he becomes a normal Mafia member once recruited. (GAME 7)
    • Sleeper (Townie): The Sleeper thinks he is a regular Townie, which he is, unless he is targetted by the mafia. From this point on he becomes a Mafia Member and only wins if the mafia win. Until converted, Sleeper is pro-Town. (GAME 9)
    • Naive Traitor (Townie): The Naive Traitor does think he knows who is in the Mafia, however it is not the real Mafia. He does not know that he is Naive Traitor though and that it is not the real Mafia he is trying to get recruited by. He cannot be recruited by the real Mafia. (Game 10)
    • Threesome Candidate (Townie): The Threesome Candidate has the possibility to join the Third Party Lovers, if he finds out who they are. He has one guess per Day, which he may send to the host. After he identifies the two Lovers correct, he becomes the third Lover. If both of his Lovers die, he commits suicide on the following Night. (Game 37) If one of the Lovers dies before the Candidate has joined their group, he may guess on the night of the supposed suicide, who the remaining living Lover is and becomes a substitute for the one who passed away, if he succeeds. (Game 41) UPDATED

    • Mafia Boss (Mafia): The Mafia Boss shows the same result to Detectives' investigations, as Townie. He is usually in charge of coordinating the Mafia activity at night and may act as the contact person to the host. (GAME 2) UPDATED
    • Mafia Detective (Mafia): The Mafia Detective has the ability to investigate one player per Night and learn the player's Role. (GAME 6) The Mafia learns result of the investigation at the end of each night. Whenever the Mafia Detective's investigation ability is performed, he cannot be chosen to go for a kill on the same night. (GAME 23)
    • Mafia Janitor (Mafia): The Janitor cleans up the body after the kill. When Day breaks, the Town would not learn the victim's Role. When he gets killed the Town also gets to know the other players Roles. (GAME 6) The ability only comes into play when the Janitor is the killing actor. (GAME 23)
    • Mafia Poisoner (Mafia): The Mafia Poisoner has the ability to poison someone during the night. The player will die in the next night. The Doctor can only save the victim in the night of poisoning. (GAME 9)
    • Assassin (Mafia): The Assassin is a Mafia Member that may choose to kill at Daytime instead of the Night. Unlike Daytime Vigilantes he is not doing the Daykill publicly but via PM to the Host. (Game 10)
    • Mafia Mason (Mafia): A Mafia Mason is a Pro-Mafia that can communicate with other pro-Town Masons. The pro-Town Masons believe the Mafia Mason to be a regular pro-Town Mason. (Game 10)
    • Strongman (Mafia): Can kill someone who usually can't get killed (player who got protection from a doc or a bulletproof townie) and can't be hindered by the Prostitute either. The only way to avoid his kill is being a Hider and hiding behind someone else. Of course the power is so strong, that it can only be used once. It's not an additional kill though and if the mafia uses the Strongman to perform the kill, he will use his power (meaning they can't choose the Strongman to perform the kill without using his power). After the Strongman used his power once, he becomes a normal mafia member. (GAME 24)
    • Burden (Mafia): The Burden is like the Freeman on the Mafia Side. When the Burden is lynched or killed, the next night phase will skipped. (GAME 31)
    • Bomb Diffuser (Mafia): The Bomb Diffuser has the ability to diffuse the Bomb and Time Bomb and the Bomb's ability will be gone. He will PM the host. He can only use his ability once. Other than that the Bomb Diffuser is a normal Mafia Member. (GAME 31)
    • Mafia Escort (Mafia): Escort/Role Blocker may choose one player per Night to distract. That player will be prevented from performing his Night action, if he has one. When the role blocking action is chosen the Escort cannot execut a kill in the same night. (GAME 35)
    • Unskilled Mafia (Mafia) The Unskilled Mafia Member, is like a normal Member, but has only a 50% chance to succeed in killing his victim. The Unskilled Mafia doesn't know he is unskilled, nor do his team mates, and thinks he is a regular Mafia Member. (Game 41) NEW
    • Mafia Pirate (Mafia) At a night of his choice the Mafia Pirate may choose a Townie he wants to steal the ability from. From that point in the game, the robbed Townie's role changes to 'Townie' without him knowing it and the Mafia Pirate is free to use it as his own. The Mafia Pirate knows the ability stolen and uses it at the proper Day or Night phase that the stolen role demands. All original clauses of the stolen ability apply. If the Mafia Pirate tries to steal the ability from a Mafia or a Third Party Member as primary role, the Mafia Pirate dies. The Mafia Pirate does not have the ability to kill at night like a normal Mafia member, only if the stolen ability allows that. (Game 41) NEW
    • Mafia Bomb (Mafia): If the Mafia Bomb is killed by anybody, the killer dies too. If the Mafia Bomb is lynched, then he kills the person who cast the final vote on him. Other than that he is a regular Mafia Member. (Game 41) NEW

    • Serial Killer (Third Party): The Serial Killer is like a lone Mafia Member. He kills once per night and his goal is to be the sole survivor. (GAME 5)
    • Second Mafia (Third Party): Structured just as the first, the members can variate though. The goal is to kill off the other Mafia and decimate the Townies until an equal number to their own members alive, to bring the Town under its control.(GAME 7)
    • Mentor (Third Party): If the Mentor does not have a living Mentee, at Night he can recruit one. If the Mentor does have a living Mentee, at Night he or his Mentee can kill someone. If the Mentor tries to recruit a mafia member, the member dies. (GAME 22)
    • Mentee (Third Party): A Mentee is a player who has been recruited by a Mentor. They can talk to the Mentor at any time, but will die if the Mentor dies (If the Mentee dies, that just frees up the Mentor to recruit someone else during the next Night.). (GAME 22)

    • Lovers (Third Party): The Lovers are secondary roles, that start with one from Town's alignment and one from the Mafia. If only one of them remains, he commits suicide on the following night. They can win with either their own side or the Third Party side. They can talk in private at each Night phase (GAME 37)
    • Unlimited Voter Disease (Unassigned): The infected player can change his votes unlimited times. Which means he cannot lock his vote. The one that has it last decides on the Night phase who gets it next. If it is passed to the Healthy Townie, its effect is neutralized and the seondary role dies. (GAME 37) UPDATED
    • Not Voter Disease (Unassigned): The infected player cannot vote. The person who has it last decides on the Night phase who gets it next. If it is passed to the Healthy Townie, its effect is neutralized and the secondary role dies. (GAME 37)

    If you have any further questions, just PM the host of the game or .
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