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Thread: Fairy Tail 310 Discussion

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    Re: Fairy Tail 310 Discussion / 311 Predictions Sorano Aguria is Angel (the bow and how it is worn by both is indeed similar). Nice to know.

    Anyhow, I do hope we'd catch a glimpse of what's going on currently in the games. Mercurius is making things a little gloomy for me.

    Relax. Take a chill pill.

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    Re: Fairy Tail 310 Discussion / 311 Predictions

    In this post I will post my comment of the last chapter, but even my prediction for the next chapter:
    My comment:

    Regarding the last chapter even if I really hoped that this would not happened as I said in the previous thread I have got the feeling that the executors would be defeated in one chapter.
    In the truth I really don’t know if they are really strong or not.
    For the girls I believe that Cosmos and Kamika’s are strong, they have been unlucky because they fought against someone with powers that could neutralize their power (the poison for Kamika and the abnormal conditions for Cosmos).
    Regarding Uosuke she was unlucky that his opponents had a numerical advantage, infact he would surely defeat Yukino, while his winner against Lucy was not sure, I believe that they would end in a draw.
    Even for the acid men Lily was a bad opponents, even if I believe he would lose against all the others opponents, except perhaps for Lucy and Yukino.
    For the knight in armour, I believe that he would lose even against Mira, but I believe that against Wendy, Lucy and Yukino would win (he would kill them before that they could summon their stellar spirit of for Wendy attack with the “Sky Dragon Roar”).
    Regarding Lily I believe that their fight would end with a draw.
    I must admit that the page in which all the executors were defeated was great, at the same time the page where the executors were showed that they were defeated, I would prefer if even if they could not move anymore, they would be still all awake (just like the leader of the executors), or otherwise if their facial expression, particularly for the girls and the acid man.

    My prediction:
    The next chapter title will be “The country, until tomorrow”.
    If it so then the chapter could be about Crime Sorciere or the mysterious girl that will speak about the future, or that Charle will have another vision of the future.
    Another possiblity is that finally we will know why the princess and Arcadeus want to change the past so much.
    Even if I would really like to see Zereff, Igneel or others dragons, but I don’t this will happened, we will only see them when they will make their appearance.
    But in the truth I don’t think that we will have this, I think that we will see Wendy heal Arcadias, and perhaps the reactions of the princess and of the guards to the defeat of the executors (I believe that the princess will be happy while the guards will be worried).
    After that we will return to the tournament.
    Infact I read “The country, until tomorrow” as the “country today”, the “country at the present time”, and obiviously that is the tournament.

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