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Thread: Jyuubi = Lame?

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    Re: jyuubi = lame?

    Quote Originally Posted by KingOfNight View Post
    Now that i think about it, the Kurama really was hyped just as much. Kishimoto really loves doing that. So far the only character in Naruto that actually lived up to it's hype is Madara. *sigh*

    Not necessarily so, and here's how we can say differently, Kishimoto can say truthfully that Kurama had unlimited chakra, that is, he was able to replinish his chakra like Kabuto in his sage mode could have; automatically without the need to gather chakra.

    All this changes, Kishi could argue, when half of Kurama's spirit--- the yin or yang, can't remember which---was sealed away within the death god by the 4th hokage, and from then on, though having a larger reservoir of chakra than all the other tailed beast, once this reservoir is spent Kurama now has to gather chakra like a sage might have to gather chakra from nature/the universe/however else.

    We can say that the piece of Kurama and the Ox the Jyuubi got was just enough to enable the ten tails to regenerate the parts of their personage chakra that's missing, but, probably, this regeneration isn't fully what the ten tails probably had before he was defeated by the sage, but,

    the bits of them the ten tails has, was just enough so as the parts of them that are missing though considerable, are negligible when considering the overall power of the ten tails: So even if the ten tails may have lost the unlimited usable chakra abilities, or a more refined ability of replenishing it's chakra in real time instead of taking a break, clearly, its reservoir of chakra is several times that of what Kurama and the Ox presently has.

    the Jyuubi isn't at all lame, in as much as it has lost a great deal of its chakra reservoir, and maybe even, it's ability to replenish spent chakra from probably being instantaneous, to taking a bit longer.

    Of course this last part is all conjecture and is purely speculative, and from what we've seen, Kishi could simply say the ten tails can regrow parts of itself that's missing becoming what it once was, in its entirety.
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    Re: Jyuubi = Lame?

    According to Madara, this thing still has another transformation to undergo. I'm sure it will looks badass in it's final form.

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