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Thread: Kenpachi under Stern Ritten Control???

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    Kenpachi under Stern Ritten Control???

    I have a theory on why Zaraki was not taken i don't think he's injured, i mean from what we know about him is that if he's still holding his sword he's still fighting, with that in mind i was thinking maybe he was under some sort of ability and that being Mind-Control if Lyod Ryod R. is actually a clone of both loyd and royd then he would technically have both of their abilities with that being said he was then able to look and have Jaha Bach's techniques. Now if JB has a type of mind altering ability then Loyd Royd R. may have done this to him but with a delayed reaction...
    i have placed links to a page that states the 'Yourself' SR having both names as well as the page stating what their abilities were.

    We also know that JB likes to alter peoples minds so they become part of his army, so it may make sense that its an ability of his
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    Re: Kenpachi under Stern Ritten Control???

    Yep, Kencpachi wasn't so much badly injured to me, to even loose his eye patch.

    If you look at any fight he's been, man, blood everywhere.

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