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Thread: Megumi Yandere?

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    Megumi Yandere?

    Well I came up with this theory about megumi since I believe it was revealed by the author thru the plot spoilers he released 2 weeks ago that there is a side of megumi's character that we have not yet to seen. With that in mind I came up with the theory that she has a yandere side. I have only 1 piece of evidence on this theory and even this one evidence is not that strong(I will prrsent my evidence in words cause im doing this thread on mobile so please bear with me). It is on chapter 86 page 14 upper right corner. That face that she made, isn't it a yandere face? She made that face right after nikumi presented to wash the dishes. It seems that she is jealous that its nikumi doing it for souma and not her, so she presented herself to help. She does not want other girls taking care of souma besides herself. Haha anyway its just a theory but i want to know what you guys think. Will it be intresting if she has a yandere side?

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    Re: Megumi Yandere?

    after i see the image it just look like she have an intution that nikumi love soma.
    not yandere for now.

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