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Thread: What do you think will happen in the manga from now on?

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    What do you think will happen in the manga from now on?

    Seeing as how we finally got to know everyone in the Elite Ten I think from now on the story will revolve around either Soma or other members of Tootsuki having Shokugeki against other members of the Elite Ten.

    I dont see Soma losing to Kuga in the shokugeki, Soma has had encounters with Isshiki and Eizan, though indirectly (karaage arc) too, even since the first time he and Erina met he proved to be Elite Ten level by satisfying ver palete (even if she said the food was no good xD)

    So, yeah I think Soma is already at Elite Ten level, same for Ryo, Akira, Alice and Takumi.

    Anyway I think Soma is gonna win, dont know if Erina will lose her spot or Kuga will get out of Elite Ten and Soma gets 8th seat, dont know how it works..

    After that I expect the story either to go to one of the characters I mentioned before to challengers an Elite Ten, or maybe even Soma getting challenged, maybe by some new unknown character (perhaps someone that used to be a Elite Ten?)

    If Soma gets challenged, I think it would probably be a fandom new character, Aldini (I hope not, because I would like for their rematxh to be one of the last matches in their third years, once both are Elite Ten, hopefully) or Ibusaki, and again I think Ibusaki's challenge will come later into the series, if it happens, though I think it will.

    Now, the author can do one of two things: Make Soma challenge other Elite Ten members OR make other characters challenge Elite Ten members.

    I expect it to be a mix, maybe an arc of Soma challenging an Elite Ten, then other character challenges an Elite Ten..

    So out of the main characters, or the characters I think have a chance of getting a seat, Alice is obviously the one with a very obvious objective in ver cousin, other than that I dont know what will happen or who will challenge who, but this is more or les what I expect to happen before the first years ends for Soma:

    -Soma gets 8th seat.
    -Soma gets challenged and wins.
    -Alice challenges Erina, Alice loses.
    -1st year challenges Elite Ten, probably Eizan or Isshiki, depending of the character they will win/lose for example I dont think Isshiki would lose to any challenger.. Except maybe for Erina/Soma depending on plot armor.
    -Soma challenges a mid seat, I dont think Isshiki, maybe seats 5 or 6. Wins.
    -Isshiki will probably challenge someone, I just dont think Isshiki will finish this year as 7th seat, I think from now on we will sew more of Isshiki, depending on what the author wants he gets owned by Soma and loses 7th seat or gets 1st seat by the end of the year (as in in the manga)

    In my opinion Soma will get to the middle seat by the end of the first year and will probably lose his last Shokugeki as a first year, the Shokugeki being lost to one of the upper seats (basically a third grader)

    I also expect either Erina or Isshiki to be 1st seat the following year, we havent seen the other seats' cooking skills but I think Isshiki could probably become number 1.

    One thing I think needs to be clear is that I dont think the Elite Ten are gonna be "the final boss" in the manga, Soma needs to be 1st seat and then maybe start shokugeking against other 1st seats, I mean if it ever comes to that.. Also, what if Tootsuki isnt the only culinary school (lol, of course it isntz but you get my point).

    The story can go on a lot of different directions depending on what the author plans.

    Other intersting things, once the Elite ten graduate. What happens to the abandoned spots?
    Do members basically get the new seats? Or is there like a tournament to decide? Also what happens to the new unnocupied spots?
    All questions that havent been answered..

    TL, DR.
    I think Soma will get to mid seat by the end of his first higsxhool year.
    Isshiki will either be beaten by Soma or get to first seat.
    Maybe other 1st year will get a seat, I dunno why I feel like Aldini has the best shoot.. Just feels like he would win a Shokugeki depending on the opponent
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    Re: What do you think will happen in the manga from now on?

    I think soma will start his climb up the elite 10... but somewhere along the way there will be something revealed about the academy that makes him seriously question whether he should stick around.

    I also think eventually soma will end up with tadokoro... she's his hyuga hinata...

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