I have a story that I have been working on for years(2 years infact). It takes place in a semi-real Modern world setting. The series is a Adventure-Comedy about 2 boys and 2 girls(later one of the girls leave and become a minor) with their school life and their battles with gangs in the world. Once they go to high school they begin to travel the world and the series get's more less real world and more Supernatural. The series is more comedy-supernatural when fights happen. However their is basic romance elements involve in the series(More so comedy).
characters that appear immediately:

Deimon Guriin: The Deuteragonist. In the beginning of the series he is 12 and is on summer vacation. Despite not wanting to be he is called the leader of group(NOT GANG) DND. His nickname is Pudd. He is dumb and smart at the same time. He is knowed to be the one to come up with the practical jokes. His "Crush/GF" is Cynthia who lecture him about his dumbness. He has 2 older sisters, 1 older sister, and an adapted brother who is a little over a month older then him. He is South Korean and he is the descendant of the Wolf Prince bloodline. Cause of this once he hits puberty he gains to power to have similar features as a Wolf and gain longer hair. He also gain powers to use a magic staff and control wind around him.

Mikku Guriin: In the beginning of the series he is 12 and is on summer vacation. He is the Protagonist of the series. He is the adapted brother of Deimon. He is knowed for being the
most troublesome of the 3. He has a major crush on the Tritagonist and often flirts with her,
much to her dismay. He is highly competitive and has a stomach that can rival Demion's. At some moments it's seem like Mikku is down right retarded but this might be due to something that will be explained later. His presents is known all over the town, and parents fear him. The Tritagonist is the only parent who accepts Mikku. For a unexplained reason Mikku and Deimon look alike. The difference is Mikku have longer hair(Corn Rolls) and is slightly taller. Other then that they look the same. Just like Deimon he is a wolf prince descendant but not of South Korea but of Japan. Due to this his powers are the same expect he uses the wind power much more then Deimon but Deimon uses the staff more then him.

Nieya Yuria: The Tritagonist. In the beginning of the series she is 12 and is on summer vacation. She is the smartest out of the 4(Later 3) main characters. Her and Deimon has a brother-Sister love-hate relationship. She believes Mikku is extremely annoying and flamboyant but consider him one of her best friends despite his major crush on her. Her best freind name is Cynthia and believes she is the only person she call talk to about feelings. often smacks the brother(Deimon and Mikku) with a joke-pan when they do something dumb. Even through she thinks Deimon and Mikku ideas are stupid she goes along with them anyways for a good laugh or two. She is descendant of a Egypt princess and uses arrows in battle. She have healing ability and if she combines her healing and arrows she can make an death arrow.

Cynthia Garanorris: The MAIN supporting character of the series. In the beginning of the series she is 13 and is on summer vacation. She and Deimon has major crushes on each other and are considered Gf and Bf but not yet stated. She is the real leader of DnD. She the one who plans out their wacky adventures. She is the 2nd smartest of the group only outmatched by her best friend Nieya. She was the one who got DnD their powers and declared the name of the group and where their "BASE" is. Her cousin Berall lives with her and is often joked as being the useless one of the group. Cynthia and Deimon often have romance but usually get interrupted at the last moment. Sadly Cynthia moves to mexico
living one less member in DnD and making Demion depress. She still maintain contact with DnD but once she finds out Deimon has fallen with another girl she loses all contact with them. Her adventures in mexico are unknowable but is hinted she becomes a princess. As she is a living princess her powers are available since she was born. She can sense when other people have potential powers inside of them and can unlocked them. She has a magic staff that is 3x stronger then Demion's and have telekinesis.

Forgive me if a lot of this is pretty vague. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work on a long-term project and be able to work with me and MAYBE give me ideas if they think it is good. Please don't ask me for pay. This is for fun, idc if the art is not awesome or perfect. You can work at your own pace, take your time. My deadlines are Long usally asking for 1 chapter within 1 - 4 months. If interested, feel free to reply to this thread or contact me at the following places and I'll give you more infomation such as character design and test One shots:

Thanks for reading this
~ Gifted Andre Green