Hey Guys!

Just wanted to swing by the good-ole' Mangahelpers forums and introduce our project to all the aspiring-creators over here.

We're the Global Manga Initiative, a community of independent Manga-ka-wannabes who have started our own Online Manga Anthology dedicated to finding hidden Manga-gems all over the world and get them some dedicated exposure.

Unlike some of the larger OEL-sites out there, we focus on running a smaller-tighter Series Roster of works which we actively promote for our artists, totally for free (as opposed to just taking any-and-all comers and ending up with a massive archive). You may have seen us across from Square-Enix at this years New York Comic-Con; all the work you saw there and in the pictures below was from skilled-indie-creators who didn't drop a CENT (nor give up any rights) for the promotion.

We're also working closely with Pronto Comics, a indie-comic production and publishing group operating in the New York City area, and the Anders-Larson Toich Foundation, a charity group dedicated to helping create a facility for children and young-adults suffering from various forms of Cancer. We did a Charity Art Auction at our NYCC '12 Promotional Booth and were able to raise over $320 for the foundation! If you're nearby the NYC-area, feel free to check out Pronto Comic's monthly-meetups for a face-to-face with our network.

Our project doesn't take creative or exclusive-publishing rights in anyway, no publishing deadlines and you can walk at any-time. It's basically just about helping flesh-out the Manga-genre and showcasing some talented artists and potentially-epic series. We figure it might be a good way to starting working towards making it into the global manga-industry for a lot of ambitious creators out there.

We're also looking to attract skilled writers/bloggers for our coverage aspects (Anime/Manga/Import-Gaming Reviews, Editorials and Convention Coverage) and we would like to know the sort of things you, the fans, would be interested in hearing about.

We've been checking out some of the works around here and figured we would come say "Hi!" to the community. We're constantly looking for ambitious creators and Manga-series to feature, anyone looking to help expand and progress the Manga-genre and anybody with a passion for Anime, Manga, Import-Gaming and more, so feel free to swing by our site and/or our forums and introduce yourself. That goes for the administration and members of Mangahelpers.com as well; we'd be thrilled to work with you guys and your community to help progress indie-Manga, so feel free to give us some feedback since we're still fairly-young and want to take this project in the best-possible direction.

Thanks a bunch you guys for the awesome work you're doing here, and here's to a new era for indie-Manga-creators!

-Pete & the G.M.I. Crew!

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