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Thread: Gun control

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    Re: Gun control

    I would agree with guns encouraging people to take action being a problem. I mean, why take a risk to begin with? I don't think there is anything smart about turning a burglary into a shotout at least and I certainly do not want people around me playing batman. Sure, you get the cool story and maybe all the chicks if you pull it off but if you don't then you are just some guy who made a burglary into a shootout and died stupidly. I mean, you have the following scenarios when being robbed:

    1.- You can get robbed and... well, just that, you got robbed. You were screwed but you are both alive.

    2.- You are getting robbed and fight back. You could do it with a weapon or without. That has 2 scenarios:
    1.-The guy retreats. And you get the story and the chicks presumably.
    2.- The guy does not retreat.
    Now, you might or might not have a weapon but the same thing goes for the other guy. I would think a burglar not having at least a knife is rare though. Now, if you don't have a weapon and defend yourself then you are basically exposed to whatever weapon he might or might not have. Presumably this is a bad scenario as someone who is into the whole robbing people thing is bound to have been in more fights than you.

    Now, if you do have a weapon.... then in any scenario you are turning a burglary into a weapons fight. Now, I don't think knife defense is an issue here so lets just go to the whole having a gun thing. You pull you gun and the scenarios are the following:

    1.- He retreats because he is unarmed
    2.- He jumps to defend himself with his own weapon or gun.

    Once you get to option two you are no longer in a burglary, you are in a freaking gunfight (or more improbably a knifefight). That puts bystanders at risks, it puts you at risks and it puts the burglar at risk (realistically speaking he is still an actual person even if it kinda sucks saying it). Worst case scenario you both die or get hurt. Because gunfight.

    Now, it is entirely possible that you actually take the first option, do not fight and get rob and still get killed. However in most cases that would still be at large an accident and the odds of everyone walking out of the ordeal alive are still better than if someone plays batman.

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    Re: Gun control

    Quote Quote:
    There're also many cases where a completely normal person suffers a nervous breakdown and goes on a killing spree. It would be much better if such a person didn't have access to a gun and obtaining a gun illegally, considering the relative difficulty, would not be viable for a person in that state of mind. If guns were illegal, I guess common people, at least most, wouldn't dare to buy one, risking harsh punishment when caught. I don't see gangs as a problem because you can never outgun a gang and it's not people's job to fight them. I would feel safer if both me and my neighbor didn't have guns than both of us possessing them, what if he shows up at my doorstep with a gun, angry at something trivial. Either shoot him or get shot, nah, I don't like either possibility.
    Yes, but with stricter laws, it'd be much harder for the person to get a gun, but he could resort to getting one illegally. Why wouldn't it be viable? I doubt the seller really gives a shit as long as he's not in danger or won't get caught.

    There have been stories how owning a gun helped the victims against the bad people. If you ban guns, you're not only banning good citizens from owning a gun that could save lives, but you're giving bad guys more opportunity to commit heinous crimes. Bad guys are not scared of getting guns illegally, and the more of them that have it, the less ways citizens can fight back.

    I personally prefer all guns be banned, but that's impossible in America.


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