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Thread: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member BurnSchulz's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    Now after a few members mentioned the Yei Cool Brothers i have to admit that i totally forgot about them. They were kind of a treat at the beginning, but only fo about 3-4 Chapters, then they were easaly owned and never mentioned again. Easily forgetable ^^

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member hokageji's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    Great thread btw...

    I guess Punk Hazard arc counts as this year, i will ignore everything that happened before they entered PH.

    Best moment f the year
    It has to be Law cutting Vergo, armored with Haki. The entire series was pretty amazing. How Law got his heart back, how smoker delayed him, but the final move that cut everything was awesome. It comes close to Zoro who cuts monet without using haki.

    Character of the year;
    It has to be Law. We saw very little of him before the timeskip. A shichibukai and the plot, his ability to swap bodies, steal hearts. All of this makes him the best character of the year
    Best plot twist;
    Flamingo revealed as the joker. I never guessed it, always thought it to be someone from the world govt.
    Best new character;
    For me its Baby5. Kinemon was awesome, but I cna see her becoming a major opponent in the series.
    • Best fight of the year;
    Tashigi+Zoro vs Monet. Tashigi's skills have improved leaps and bounds, it was good to see her fight with monet and her ice-egg igloo style. Zoro's one sword slash smade it the best fight. I also liked smoker vs vergo equally.

    • Funniest moment of the year
    The chapter where everybody's bodies were swapped, specially sanji and nami

    • Best surprise of the year
    Revelation of artificial DF.

    • Shame of the year;
    It was Brooks, he really dont do much, nor did a lot of the strawhats actually.

    • Worst character andWorst new character;
    To me it was Ceasar Crown. I just think he could have been drawn a lot better, thats all. But an evil genius opposite vegapunk, his DF abilities were all OK. Also, the yeti cool brothers.

    • Worst fight of the year;
    Yeti Cool brothers, nothing really happened

    • Worst surprise of the year.
    Reason why Baby5 was upset over flamingo.
    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” - Terry Prachett

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member RezzieThaRapper's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    • Best moment of the year - Brownbeard's show of dignity... it wasn't epic and he nearly died, but he has as much heart as any Strawhat, special mention to the 3 Musketeer moment with Zoro, Kinemon, and Brook

    • Character of the year - Law & Monet

    • Best plot twist - Doflamingo's year end surprise

    • Best new character - Monet: let's face it, she's deadly loyal, she adequately showed that her and Aokiji's DFs aren't the same, She just about beat Luffy, she isn't all beauty and is even more of a terrifying monster than Chopper (still got a boner lmao), She gave the most aside from Law & Ceaser in her fights, and I felt genuine sadness for her supposed end... Hopefully she survives..

    • Best fight(s) of the year - Law & Smoker vs. Vergo... Nami, Robin, G5, Tashigi, Chopper & Zoro vs. Monet... Kinemon, Sanji-in-Nami, Zoro, Brook vs. Smiley

    • Funniest moment of the year - Chopper to Law's Hat... Gomu Gomu no UFO

    • Best surprise of the year - The spectators of the Punk Hazard situation

    • Shame of the year - Shinokuni, sort of a rehashed plot... an advancing wall of doom akin to Magellen

    • Worst character - Momonusuke, just because he just appeared and has done nothing except fly Luffy out of a room

    • Worst new character - Same as above

    • Worst fight of the year - I'm apparently the only one who enjoyed all the action... but if I had to pick it'd be Ceaser Clown vs. Brownbeard due to the subordinates still cheering Ceaser up to the last moment...

    • Worst surprise of the year - Ceaser killing (supposedly) Monet... just doesn't sit right with me, but it brought on the best surprise of the year so it's forgivable for now...
    I have an opinionDon't hate me for it...

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member thatguy3331's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    • Best moment of the year; Y'know there are quite a bit, but I suppose they fall more unter twists or reveals, so I'll be original and say Chopper's momment with Mocha, since almost everyone but me hated that chapter. I don't know about you bastards but I'll take every bit of chopper development I can get!

    otherwise Law cutting Vergo (still waiting on explination Oda!) and announcing the new era!

    • Character of the year; Law, alright my origniality faded, I was thinking about either Zoro or Brook, but law kept stealing the limelight this arc.

    • Best plot twist; I won't lie, but I didn't see Ceaser stabbing Monets heart comming, I will REALLY be surpised and curious to know how she survives that if she does...

    • Best new character; Kinemon! I still don't want him to be a nakama, buuut I can see myself getting over it if he does.

    • Best fight of the year; Well albeit they were short I did like most of them, but If I have to say best then Law vs. Smoker

    • Funniest moment of the year; Tie between Chopper being Law's hat and accesory and the body swap humor...

    • Best surprise of the year;Everything Dolflamingo related.

    • Shame of the year; Everyone but me hating Choppers momments Ok, IN universe, Tashigi's fight being taken up by Zoro, Albeit it gave way for an awesome Zoro momment, I wanted Tashigi to do something awesome!

    • Worst character; Brown Beard, his only use was to be transportation!

    • Worst new character; I was gonna say the yeti cool brothers, but acctually I'll turn that around to Ceaser's minions. Those guys are retarded...

    • Worst fight of the year; I acctually liked most of them, buuuut if I had to say, then smoker vs. Vergo, even though it was a plan, it was a bit depressing to see him get stomped on after Law already took him down. Second would be Franky v baby 5, it was funny, but not fight satasfactory for me...

    • Worst surprise of the year; .... I've got nothin honestly....
    Last edited by thatguy3331; January 15, 2013 at 11:20 PM.
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    Registered User 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member Gotenkss's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    Best moment of the year
    --> Law cutting down Vergo and the laboratory and surrounding mountains in two.

    Character of the year
    --> Trafalgar Law "He's an insane man who sent the hearts of 100 pirates to HQ in order to become a Shichibukai!! He's a creep!! "

    Best plot twist
    --> Doflamingo being the Joker.

    Best new character
    --> Baby5

    Best fight of the year
    --> Law defeating G5

    Funniest moment of the year
    --> Straw Hats tying their reindeer-doctor to Law's head. Come on he is a Shichibukai .....

    Best surprise of the year
    --> Dofla flying off to get Ceaser. Never expected that....

    Shame of the year
    --> CC. So much potential in his devil fruit but wasted...

    Worst character
    --> CC

    Worst new character
    --> Yeti Brothers. Overhyped.

    Worst fight of the year
    --> Sanji v/s Vergo. Sanji did nothing entire year except ogling at Nami and fondles Nami's body

    Worst surprise of the year
    --> CC stabbing Monet. It wasn't bad just that Everyone was expecting it.
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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner 31TeV's Avatar
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    Re: The Best and the Worst of One Piece in 2012

    Best moment f the year: Law cutting Vergo, along with the SAD production room and a mountain and making an epic speech, foreshadowing epic New Era with alliances and battles between the rookies and the Yonko.
    Character of the year: Smoker.
    Best plot twist: G-5 Marines, Straw Hats and Law forced to work together.
    Best new character: Big Mom.
    Best fight of the year: Law and Smoker vs. Vergo.
    Funniest moment of the year: Zoro's reaction to Sanji leading the G-5 Marines into the room where Zoro vs. Monet was taking place.
    Best surprise of the year: Luffy and Law form an alliance.
    Shame of the year: Tashigi unable to beat Monet alone.
    Worst character: Yarisugi.
    Worst new character: Yarisugi.
    Worst fight of the year: Yarisugi vs. concerned parent.
    Worst surprise of the year: Silhouette turned out to be a character we didn't know (Vergo).
    Last edited by 31TeV; January 25, 2013 at 05:35 AM. Reason: Corrected punctuation error and added formatting. Also changed "Alliances between Supernovas" into "Luffy and Law form an alliance".

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