Dante, the vampire prince must find a mortal bride in the living world in order to take the throne. his challenges include the Belmont family(comedic relief),
the police, the female sex, and the council of the undead who framed him in order to take the throne.


Page 1

Panel 1
The lost city of Enoch
"the great king Soma of our people as bestowed upon us his son and royal heir. we shall honor him. Dante, the prince of darkness."

panel 2
Woman crying while characters talk off panel
"he shall be raised his by his kin and is to be treated not as royalty, but as a youngling until the time where he claims the throne."

panel 3
child being held into (red)light
"his name is Dante, the 4th son of the great Dracula seed!"

panel 4
close up on beautiful woman's face crying but smiling
"you'll make a great king......(sob)......a..a great king"

panel 5
9 years later...Dante in class
Narration:"and so he lived never knowing of his royal blood line, a social outcast

panel 6
Dante in a dark cornor people laughing
the sad truth was he was only half a vampire. as was all youngling but unlike the others he did not acquire the taste for human blood.