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Thread: HSDK Chapter 504 Discussion/Chapter 505 Predictions

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    Re: HSDK Chapter 504 Discussion/Chapter 505 Predictions

    Still enjoying HSDK but think it needs a good guy sacrifice of some kind to change up the formula. Kenichi needs to be emo every once in a while to stay inspired, and the Odin well is pretty dry by now

    Hope Ukita gets so totally trashed that he disappears for a long time. While it would probably be for secret master training, it would be funnier if he became even Ukita-er. A non-athletic civilian with a menial job (isn't he repeating the last year of high school?)

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    Re: HSDK Chapter 504 Discussion/Chapter 505 Predictions

    Well, as far as we know most of the shinpaku alliance members are actually getting in line for menial jobs. Kenichi was a horrible student when the manga started and there is no indication so far that the manga has done anything to change that. Takeda is in the same boat as ukita except that he is more into martial arts and even seems to train regularly in the underground boxing rings which is basically illegal boxing. Basically ukita is already a criminal for partaking in illegal fights and potentially gambling and in a perfectly fair world he would be caught and rot for as long as people committing those crimes do. Freya seems to be going to college though.... Not sure how the whole martial arts thing and college work. I guess she has the disciple to be adequate at both. Miu is perfect so she is arguably perfectly fine. She has already been stated to be a straight A student along with yomi or higher levels of intelligence.

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