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I've read your review and I noticed that you missed a very important part of this chapter. Naruto is now wearing a different outfit than what he had before. Obviously this is another power up from Kishi... I just thought I would throw it in there, so that you can recap that aswell....
when Naruto and the Fox became buddies, this form two cloak was first shown. look back to when Naruto and Bee took on the tailed beast.

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Too bad she could never be inspired by the likes of Konan to scale up her abilities in such a way that even S-class shinobi have a hard time against her. Konan was a fucking wizard among ninja to do what she did. Too bad nothing came out of her character except some cool abilities : /

At present, I'm trying to understand jsp, sql and most of java, but most of it, though relatively straight forward and simple, requires me to abstract away a great many things in lieu of trusting the syntax and the logic the language provides. sql is databases so it's more or less move this from here over there, create that there, and reveal this or that displaying this bit of information or that bit of information.

But Java's logic, although incredibly simple takes a lot of effort to understand fully, and in a lot of ways it is not unlike a commenter on mangahelpers posting his or her's response, because even though the commenter should have a firm grasp on the spoken word, if his ideas are not conveyed sensibly and tactfully, his tone can sound completely different than what the commenter had in mind to say, Or he could fail in saying what he wanted to say outright.

And yes, English almost always is the first language of a great many of us, but, it takes a lot of skill to use the correct context and structure to convey what you're thinking effectively.

Therefore to be an effective writer, one must understand the basics of grammar and sentence structure.

And interestingly, although I have to develop a two toned mind in respects to logic due to the fact that I'm learning both C and Java, I hope that by doing so, I'll be able to understand Java better.

Now imagine Tenten who for her whole life was taught Java and as programmers go, she's pretty effective in using Java, even if she's not as good as one should be to be measurable or capable.

Where as Konan may be some one who learned intricately the nuances of assembly then C and finally Java, thereby, Konan would be able to use memory more effectively therefore her programs would run faster, use less memory, and she's able to accomplish a lot more with less.

And we've seen this yes, when S-class ninjas are able to control their chakras so perfectly that they're able to use high level techniques more frequently or develop complicated Jutsus which require not only chakra control but for the user to mold their chakras perfectly. Konan mastered chakra control, where as Tenten hasn't, so her programs eats up virtual memory and its built in garbage collection isn't as flawless as it should be, and the program crashes often. But neccessity made Konan hard, and is not unlike my programming teacher who learned how to use the eclipse ide in 8 days because his daughter needed medication that was incredibly expensive. And I, although a user of Eclipse is a spotty user at best, but, I'm getting better.

Like Tenten I had a lazy peace time introduction to the discipline, and also like Tenten I'm not yet measurable, but I'm in a bind and I'm fighting to get better, as is Tenten, that is, if she survives the war.