Episode 8:

Somehow they fail to make this plot interesting. The pace is way to fast and they rely and action too much.

I still like the characters but this Anime really seems like it wasn't thought through completely.

Episode itself was fun. Chubby Sasami... Quite the surprise... x'D
And what now? Creating an alternative timeline? Amaterasu's prowess are really incredible.

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Episode 10:

Futanari, Yuri, Social media.

Sums up the whole episode...

It was the weirdest one up to now. I mean what the hell? Using a brain as a Server so you can chat and stream things?

And this was the first time we got to hear the beginning of the ending song... Her voice is awesome but with the episode itself I couldn't really enjoy it... That was fucked up... XD

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Episode 11:

Oh my god the great evil is a big airhead...
And what the... You can log in into the brain channels of others...? Holy cow...

Kagami shouldn't be so jealous... But oh well...

In the end Sasami was very dere with her brother... :3