Hi everyone, I am graphic designer / art manager student in university, i love manga and anime and i could do the art but i have too much projects on my shoulder so i want someone to help me out in this project.
I have a manga / anime combo project for ipad bookstore. So it will be interactive manga that has anime scenes for the most important frame in the manga. The first chapter is writen and ready to start.

I will try to explain the world. It is post-apocalyptic world that has black plague-like desease everywhere. There is smoke barrier at 5m long at air and you can't see the-blue sky. You need to be rich or middle class to be live above 5m in the flats.People call sky "Heaven" or "paradise" so everyone tries to go to heavens, most of the people dies before seing the sky.. Our story begins with a man who works in a lab. and we go to the childhood of him and our reader slowly learns the world and its chaos , peoples hopes and their hard-work to be well in life just like in our timeline and world. Main character has a twin, we try to provide a tragic-comedy with a tragic world and comedy with the sibling's relationship.

First chapter needs to be done before end of summer so we have 1 month. If we have a deal i will send storyboards and person who takes the job can start the work immidietly.
Also we can hire more than one person to finish this project in time but the earning will be downgraded since we work with royalty fee..
Okay now we come to payment issue; i can give %30 from the income of the project.
If multiple people choosen than the payments will be like this:
To the Animator/character artist: %15
To the scene art / prop. artist: %15

I will done the frame and page design of course you just need to draw from storyboards that i send
As a note: You need to draw everything with layers and for the character designers we will make packages for the characters to further use.(%5 from every chapter that didn't need another draw, i mean if we just use the art from package)

I hope i can find the right artist in time. Thank you all who read my post and the people who will write critism to my project and working style..