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Thread: Who do you want on your team? Who would you want to be?

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    Who do you want on your team? Who would you want to be?

    If you were on a football team(doesn't matter if you are or not), who would you want on the team? You can only pick on player from E21. Personally I think I'd pick Yamato. His strength and speed are just amazing and he is no doubt a player on the NFL level. The Redskins HB, Portis, runs a 4.3 40, same as Yamato. The only difference is Yamato's "perfect balance."

    If I was anyone from the series I'd want to be Taka. I've mentioned this already but we play the same position and I would love having his skills. My speed is all right as of now and my jumping power is decent but I just don't have catching abilities :/

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    Re: Who do you want on your team? Who would you want to be?

    The guy i would want on my team is definitly Shin, with Yamato as a close second(even though i don´t like him that much), he´s so reliable, he´s the kind of player that can ease the others minds just because of his presence, that was even more proved in the American arc.
    He gives the same vibs of confidence to others that Hibari(K.Hitman Reborn) or Takamura(Hajime no Ippo) give, everyone who reads Reborn knows that if the main guys are in trouble Hibari will get them out of it.

    And the one i wanted to be is Shin as well(with Agon as a close second), sometimes i wished i could get my entire focus on the training just like Shin does.
    I have readen more than 350 mangas(mostly shonen and seinen) and Shin is my favorite manga character.
    My second favorite manga character is a guy named Shin Jin-Ho(guy from my avatar) from a korean manga named Change Guy, his personality is a lot like Shin, he´s a fighter that has done the basic kick and punch 1000 times a day since he´s able to walk, now that he´s 19 his striking speed his beyond human level.
    Did you hear about the man who can´t be destroyed?? = Shin Jin-Ho - "The Immortal"

    He is the Fastest highschooler and the Strongest Linebacker in the history of Japan!! = Shin Seijuurou - "The Perfect Player"

    If you disrupt the discipline in Namimori he will Bite you to Death!! = Hibari Kyoya - Vongola X´s Strongest Guardian

    The man who will be the strongest swordsman!! = Roronoa Zoro - The Pirate Hunter

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    Re: Who do you want on your team? Who would you want to be?

    I would want Hiruma in my team. I think in football, or any other games, you need wits, and Hiruma definitely has that. ( I mean, c'mon, who has better trick plays than Hiruma ? )

    I also would want Monta and Taka and Sakuraba in my team, they're great as receivers.

    Other people I want are :
    - Kurita
    - Musashi
    - Agon
    - RIKU
    - Yamato
    - Ha-ha brothers ( I think they have the potential )
    - Chuubou

    If I was a character in Eyeshield 21, hmm, I would be.., well first of all I would want to be Hiruma, I think his "evil" and cunning brain is an awesome thing. But I'd most likely be half Kurita, half Mizumachi .

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