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Thread: Playing cards?

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    Confused Playing cards?

    So I am VERY new here and just started posting on forums... I accidentally posted something off topic on a discussion thread for the latest chapter. I was told by a moderator to either post it on an existing thread or create one. The existing thread started with some guy thinking that the heart pirates were in reference to body parts... And though it went on to discuss the pack of cards theory, it's not exactly what I had in mind. There, my reason for creating a new thread... So please don't flame me saying, "hey noob.. There's already a thread for that!!"

    So basically, just a small observation which suddenly striked me....

    You guys remember that ace was the captain of the spade pirates right? Ace of spades? And law commands the heart pirates. Is oda going to introduce the clubs and diamond pirates later too? I remember reading on a thread there was some reference to someone being related to clubs....and if that is the case, Is diamond jozu in anyway related to the diamond pirates or is his name only because of his ability?
    Also, will I be revealed in the future that ace was somehow involved with dofla or his organisation in anyway? I don't know if it's been blown way out of proportion... But oda usually has a way to tie up the most unusual and surprising stuff at the end. So spades and hearts have been revealed... I kind of am hoping that the deck or cards theory is true....
    What do you guys think???????
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