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Thread: HSDK Chapter 508 Discussion / 509 Predictions

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    Re: HSDK Chapter 508 Discussion / 509 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by kkck
    [Takeda] was in fact able to use RS before fully releasing his ki.
    Yes but its incomplete. He has poor control of it. Its "shallow" and inconsistent. And dude you are completely missing my point. I don't care about fully released ki. If having access to large reserves of ki meant that you are instantly the winner in every fight in the HSDK universe then there would be no point in all the training any of them are doing.
    Takeda has gotten stronger in this fight? True. He suddenly.gained access to some new incredible power? True. He has control over it? False. Control guarantees a win? False. Fully activated ki automatically elevates him to the position of the strongest amongst the disciples? False. He can fully activate his ki at will now to access that incredible game-changing power? FALSE. He needs to learn control now (which according to Ogata he doesn't have yet). We'll see what Lugh does in the next chapter. I suspect a draw again. And even if one of them does win I foresee some long and thuroughly terrifying training ahead so that Takeda can do it again (if he survives).
    Of course I don't really care about this fight. I want to see the Miu-Rimi fight, the Odin-Freya conversation, and the Berserker-Kenichi fight. Maybe not necessarily in that order.
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    Re: HSDK Chapter 508 Discussion / 509 Predictions

    The above post is probably the best post I've seen on this forum.

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