This is not really a thread, but I wanted to throw this idea here.

In 617, we learned that Naruto was drawing Kyuubi's chakra, then convert and seal it into other shinobi. After some analysis, I think there is a possible consequence of this ability. I think Naruto can now suck someone else chakra from them.

The reason is that Naruto can connect to Kyuubi's chakra system, then draw the chakra before he can give to someone else. During to the sealing in others, Naruto also connect to their chakra system. Thus, if he could draw Kyuubi's chakra, then he can also draw the chakra of the other shinobi if needed.

This is a reflection, and any analysis is welcome. I think this Hashimara was able to do this. In this case, Nauto might also draw chakra from anyone including Juubi.