Just thought of assessing how naruto as a character evolved from the starting, in terms of jutsus...

1. Stage -1

Naruto was not a genius, the only problem he had was the clone jutsu which as a must for passing the genin exams.

Expectations- Naruto will learn the clone jutsu..

Result: He learns the shadow clone jutsu and just spams the hell out of it (till date :P:P)

2. Stage-2

Naruto was trained (in some fashion) by kakashi and sasuke (rivalry)...

Expectations: cool moves, new jutsu...

Result: No new jutsu, some new tai-jutsu at max, slight indication of fight sense as well

3. Stage-3

Enters jiraya

Expectations: same as stage 2

Result: new summoning jutsu, was able to use kyubi chakra(only once in this fashion)

4. Stage 4

2 year travel

Expectation: same as stage 2

Result: rasengan, perfection of clone techniques and nothing else (shown till date)

5. Stage 5

Element training

Expectation: New element based Jutsus

Result: Wind based rasengan which he cant use. No more element based jutsu

6. Stage 6

Sage Mode

Expectation: same as stage 2

Result: new form of tai-jutsu and ability to use wind rasengan.

7. Stage 7

Control over Biju chakra

Expectation: same as stage 2

Result: new form of rasengan

8. Stage 8

Complete co-operation with kurama

Expectaion: same as stage 2

Result: kyubi chakra sharing, biju dama

So in short, with each layer of upgrade naruto has done nothing but rasengan....

In the beginning, naruto is not shown as a complete fool who cant do shit but was someone who just couldnt do clone jutsu which is now his signature skill...

Somewhere kishi mentioned that naruto has a problem with handseals because of chakra management. But Jiraya perfected his chakra management in the 2 years of travel..

For now i know the next upgrade will give naruto another rasengan... it woulf be funny if it turned out to be mokuton rasengan

And seriously who all believe that rasengan is a cheap rip-off of spirit bomb???