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  • Marshall D. Teach

    27 44.26%
  • Gol D. Roger

    34 55.74%
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Thread: Quarterfinals: Match 3: Blackbeard vs. Gol D. Roger

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    Re: Quarterfinals: Match 3: Blackbeard vs. Gol D. Roger

    Not to mention, sinking an Armada(Shiki's) capable of conquering the world (if Roger agreed to join them), annihilating the crew of the first man to touch WB in the war (Squardo) numerous victory over Garp(implicitly Sengoku).

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    Re: Quarterfinals: Match 3: Blackbeard vs. Gol D. Roger


    Well, if you read my posts to the end, I didn't say I'd pick Blackbeard to win over Roger. So I'm not really arguing that point

    What I objected to is the opinion I've seen that basically says,
    "Well, Blackbeard begged for his life like a little girl..."
    ...But then what happened???
    He took Whitebeard's colossal attack, right to the face... then got right back up.

    That attack pounded Akainu into the ground!! Teach got right back on his feet, he didn't even get knocked out for a while. And THEN he killed Whitebeard, albeit with the help of his crew. All the Admirals basically attacked Whitebeard at once, and couldn't do jack. Was Whitebeard worn out when he died? Nope, he showed he was a monster right up until the end.

    So do I think we've *clearly* seen Blackbeard surpass what I would feel to be Pirate King level? I don't think so, so I voted accordingly, and I certainly don't want to oversell a character. But let's not undersell Blackbeard, either.

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