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Thread: Best Mission in GantZ?

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    Re: Best Mission in GantZ?

    Quote Originally Posted by lolnameless View Post
    i do rate missions depend on how intense the fight is, too.
    that's why i love Gantz a lot,every mission is awfully intense, so i can't choose the best, i also like those missions you guys don't like.
    italy mission maybe too short but i do love the very last moment of kei vs david, it's just a splash but i like it.
    The recent "mission" of kei2's team is great, especially when they face the "invincible" alien whose weak point is behind the neck only. I like seeing kei2 cries and said "don't give up" and the following strike back is very dynamic.

    Also, Tae's mission is different "style" but as good as the others

    in all, I only dislike the giant and mecha fight and the rest are all the best.
    you literally stole almost every word out of my mouth.

    I think the italy mission had the best imagery for kei there is.

    This image right here.

    favorite shot of kei in the entire series.

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    Re: Best Mission in GantZ?

    Kei will always will be a BADASS! in my eyes, and this image of him fighting to the end, is AWESOME!
    I'd have to say it would also be one of my favorite missions as kliff2004 said; They actually come to a point of losing the battle against the statues, it was unpredictable, people dying here and there and everywhere. It's war at its finest.

    Yokota Takuma, Tsutomu Nihei and Asano Inio. <3

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