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Thread: Unknown Zanpakutou Abilities

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    Re: Unknown Zanpakutou Abilities

    The manga at large has emphasized that using your zampakuto depends extremely heavily on the relationship you have with it. At the very least when ichigo used GT unconsciously in SS he had a relationship with zangetsu, he basically had access to his power. At the very least for me it does not make a shred of sense for ichigo to use GT without even knowing there was a zangetsu thingy inside of him which granted him such powers. The relationship, knowing the name, it is all of the utmost extreme importance when it comes to zampakuto, how is it vaguely reasonable to argue that such a thing was a GT instead of a regular sword slash with more reiatsu than ichigo knows what to do with? its not like sword pressure is even a rare thing among shinigami, it is merely a sword slash with reiatsu, any shinigami should be able to do things of the sort.

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    Re: Unknown Zanpakutou Abilities

    Shunsui and Urahara. Both are "not fit to be seen by others". I hope Urahara's has some sort of gorey blood effect and something like Jumanji for Shunsui lol.

    Theirs are closely followed by Unohana's, her's has gotta be amazing. I read a fanfic of hers once and it was mega-epic.

    Quote Quote:
    ^I don't see how ishin could have used an actual GT with a sealed sword that much makes no sense IMO. Thats why I compared it to tousen's shikai....
    GT is just a concentration of Spiritual Energy, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to do with a sealed sword. Hailbel and Urahara have performed nearly identical techs with their sealed swords and Kido is basically the same thing.
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