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Thread: Who should the DGM-charas end up with?

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    Re: Who should the DGM-charas end up with?

    Thing is Roads profile in the fanbook states she likes Allen, Earl & candy. Now she jumped & kissed the guy aint that enough confession that she realy does like him whoever it may be Allen or 14th.
    Its not that im pro Road x Allen or Lenalee x Allen its just that Hoshino stacked it in Roads favor

    Also what i dont realy get is that she (Road) warns Allen that she is not herself (right now) and that if he moves she would pierce his friends and him with them candles.
    Why would she even be bothered about it if she didnt care for him and his feelings, also she talks about herself as if shes 2 people at the same time.
    So that fuels my idea that a noah (like Allen/14th) is 2 persons in 1 sorta.

    I cant help it but be intrigued by what a noah realy is cause its still such a mystery. And even if Road and the 14th never had anything going its just that she is confessing her love to Allen ever since after rewindtown.

    At the time at the dinner table its Allen that makes clear love between a noah and an exorsist is impossible so thats what many RoadxAllen haters quote. Id like to say well hes 50%noah 50% exorsist how can that be then.

    A good posibility is that Road might *save* Allen in the future and perhaps even reveal some things she knows about Mana and the 14th. Eventualy that things might change:P

    But then again she might be just another evil person in the story who knows.....
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    Re: Who should the DGM-charas end up with?

    I see what you mean... I just have the idea that Road likes the real Allen for himself and not coz he is/was 14th...though of course that could be true...

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