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Thread: B-Shock by Nakano Junko

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    B-Shock by Nakano Junko

    I wondered why, when we have a translator here working on it, don't we have a thread for the series?

    Description (from MangaUpdates)
    A VERY,VERY funny Romantic Comedy. Very HIGHLY recommended to all.

    Nitta Arata is a typical 21 year old junior attending college of science and engineering at Toaru University. He is bright, he's in the engineering program after all, but he definitely is from a working class background. He has been working his way through college for the past 3 years without major incident, so being swept up in a warped experiment of an equally warped professor was the last thing he expected in the second half of his college days.

    One day, Arata received a letter asking him to meet someone whose initials were "N. H." at a relatively secluded location on campus. The letter looked suspiciously like a "love letter", but Arata had his doubts. More likely it was a cruel practical joke perpetrated by one of his buddies, especially when the initials matched those belonging to "Nogi Hatsune", also know as "Miss Engineer", the reigning heartthrob of the engineering department. Why would somebody like her be interested in a nobody like himself? The short answer was that she would not be interested, but why take the chance a missing out? So there was Arata, in ultra-cynical mode, waiting at the appointed location when he was suddenly grabbed from behind!!! His last thoughts as world turned to black was that the gloved hands covering his mouth and nose reeked of ether...

    Manga Sketchbook You have to click through their projects page to get to them.

    Srin Tuar is posting his translations at MH here.

    Enjoy and discuss.
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    Re: B-Shock Discussion Thread

    I think I read some B-Shock volumes before. I find it to be quite funny and enjoyable because Nitta and Nogi went through a lot of trouble being the test subject for that mad professor's experiment. Besides, who wouldn't want to be around a cute girl 24/7?

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