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magic type

  1. Brandish μ

    Discussion Over-hyped magic

    Discussion of over-hyped magic (not by Mashima). By over-hyped I mean magic that projected by fans to be greater then what is presented in the manga AND/OR what you feel the level of magic is. This can refer to a magic type or spells. Please refrain from PoF discussion.
  2. Holt

    Discussion Spriggan 12 Magic

    So we've been introduced to one of the Spriggan 12 and got details regarding her type of magic. According to Erza, her ability is to change mass and just like Erza said, that's pretty high class stuff. It's possibly one of the most powerful types of magic. It's quite similar to Gildart's Magic...
  3. Holt

    Discussion Lucy's Star Dress

    Star dress is when Lucy gains the power of her Spirits and also their clothing style like a re quip. I initially thought that the first time she used it was in Leo's form after the TS but during tartaros battles when she summoned the spirit king, he granted her the ability to use Aquarius' magic...