2016 MH Art Contest- Halloween Special

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Halloween Special ~ Freestyle!

Halloween is just around the corner and we've decided to hold a special contest to celebrate it. The contest is simple and fun.
Your task is to portray Halloween in whatever way or manner you can!
That means you’re free to do this by photography, writing, video, drawing or maybe a short comic? You choose, it's freestyle!.

What do I need to know before submission?
  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.​
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.​
  • Each participant can only submit one entry and it should be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.​
  • Use MangaHelpers’ Image Gallery to upload your entries. Any problem with uploading, let us know.​
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.​
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.​
  • No plagiarizing is allowed.
  • Submission is open until October 31st, at 11:00PM (GMT)

How do I upload and submit my entry?
  1. Go HERE.​
  2. Click the 'Add media' button at the top of the screen and click upload image.​
  3. After upload is completed, you'll be redirected to your uploaded image.​
  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the gallery page where you see the 'Share This Media' menu.​
  5. Copy the BB codes listed there and post that code in this thread using the proper post format.​

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"

(Large size thumbnail - upload image to image gallery.)


Stock / Credits: from Planetrenders.net
[td] Female - Sayuri by Leen[/td]
Voting Details:
  • Voting will proceed after submission period is over, that is October 31st, 2016 at 11:00PM (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners and next contest and new theme will be done as soon as possible after the voting period is over.​

Good luck, everyone!
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Halloween Special - "I Alone Live" by riki
I intended for the story to be a bit rambling, vague, and unfinished.
Credit: Font is Lemon Tuesday

In case anyone couldn't read it:

I alone live.

My family and friends... all dead or worse. I'm afraid that I'm the only one left. I haven't seen another person for the past few weeks now.

I still can't comprehend what happened. One minute, it was just a typical day. My wife and I were watching our son played his first Little League game. The next, pure utter mayhem. Explosions and rocket fire were all around me. Everywhere I turned, people was dying. Do you know how it feels to watch your only child being shredded to death right in front of your own eyes and being helpless to stop it? In fact, I can still hear his screams as he begged me to save him. I'm so sorry, Caleb...

We tried our best to drive them back, but none of our weapons seemed to have any effect. All of our efforts were in vain. They were unfazed as they effortlessly repel our attacks and returned them with theirs. Many of my comrades had died trying to stop them. I don't know where they came from for I've never seen any of their kind before. It was as if they were from another world, but one thing for sure, they seek to annihilate anyone who opposed them.

I don't know what happened to my comrades who were captured, but when I saw them again, I sensed something different. It was as if something inside them changed. I can't describe how I know, but I'm certain that they had become one of them. Even my beloved Susan, whom I haven't seen since that terrible day, was affected. It's like she's Susan, but at the same time, she's not. Oh, Susan! If I'd known that would happen to you, I would have told you that I love you before we got separated.

Now they have been hunting me ever since. I'm trapped. I don't know what to do or where to go. I managed to evade them, but how long? No matter what the outcome, I refuse to become one of them. I only have one bullet left so... Oh dear God, I think they found me. If you find this, know that I



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Halloween Special - "Tokyo Ghoul:re Hallows by WithYouInSpirit

“A tragedy strikes Tokyo on All Hallows Eve!?”…

“After him!”

The Ghoul wearing the Jack-O-Lantern mask crashes through the flimsy wooden fence into the alleyway and makes a sharp left, careening down the dark, narrow gap between two buildings. A group of grey suited Investigators charge into the alley behind him, simultaneously attacking with their Quinque, weapons made specifically to slay Ghouls. Alas, the Ghoul is too agile for them and easily evades the attacks.

As the Investigators halt their pursuit, the Ghoul laughs to himself as he emerges onto the open street….. Only to be greeted by a sight feared by any Ghoul. About 12 hooded Investigators stood in a semi-circle around the exit of the alleyway, trapping him. At the pinnacle of this deadlock was a tall, silvery haired man wearing glasses. “The Reaper…”

The Investigator to the immediate right of Arima Kishou wore a black trench coat, with glasses and a pair of red gloves. A very unusual attire for a Ghoul Investigator.

“Associate Special Class. Eliminate the enemy”. Arima breathes out slowly, causing a mist to form in the cool night air.

Associate Special Class Investigator Haise Sasaki (Formerly known as Ken Kaneki) nods his understanding and grasps the hilt of his Quinque, Yukimura ¼.

“The extermination of the S Rate Ghoul “Jackal” will now commence”.

Jackal backs away from Sasaki. This was his worst nightmare. Cornered by Kishou Arima and his Doves… He suddenly unleashes his Kagune, a long, sharp blade protruding from his shoulder blade that bats aside the Quinque of one of the Zero Squad as he darts past and outside the deadlock. Sasaki immediately nods to Arima before leaping over the heads of the other Investigators and going in pursuit of Jackal.

The chase took them through a depilated part of the 4th Ward, heading north. As the surrounding buildings that were zooming past his vision started becoming more habitable, he became concerned. They were heading for the 5th Ward, a highly populated area with minimal Ghoul presence. He spots Jackal turning down a side street into a suburban area and sprints to catch up…


Jackal runs down the suburban street, panting heavily. As he runs past a group of young humans, he snickers at them. Foolish sacks of meat. He’d always found the idea of festivities pointless, and here these humans were walking around every October 31st dressed in ridiculous looking costumes. He stops behind a hedgerow to try and shake off the Investigator at his heels.

Peeking through the leaves, he watches as Sasaki stops in the middle of the sidewalk, gazing around. A few children come up to him and ask the Investigator what he’s dressed up as. As Sasaki puts on a warm smile and sends the children on their way Jackal chuckles. “That’s an unusual one alright. He radiates the same aura as the Reaper, but he has some heart inside that coat…”

He slowly backs up until he hits the wall of a house. Checking the window directly above him to see if it were open, he confirms that it is and stealthily enters the home of the two unsuspecting humans inside.

He crouches on the hardwood floor to avoid making noise, and raises his head above the lounge before him. A woman was standing at the door with a young girl clutching her legs. Outside the door stood Haise Sasaki, flashing his Investigators badge and asking whether the woman had seen him around. She shakes her head and Sasaki bows before retreating down the path. Jackal grins. The Reaper’s dog was gone and he had been left alone with a meal to snack on…


Sasaki walks away from the third house that he had called in to on his way down the street. Just where had that Ghoul run off to? He has a flashback to the night before when Arima had approached him with an offer to participate in this mission.

“Jackal is rumoured to be the younger sibling of a Ghoul Fura and I killed many years ago. Her alias was Lantern. Now he seems intent on slaughtering as many innocents as possible to draw us at the CCG out into unfavourable situations, allowing him to pick us off”…

This was one of those unfavourable situations. He was alone with a Ghoul in a community full of helpless civilians with a low grade Quinque that would barely scratch an S Rate Ghoul. He silently curses Arima for intentionally setting him up for this mission. He’s about to continue on towards the centre of the 5th Ward when a scream cuts through the loud chatter and laughter of Halloween festivities.

He spins on his heel and sprints towards the source of the scream. The house he had visited not 10 minutes ago… A teenage boy laughs with his friends as Sasaki runs past. “Someone must have gotten one hell of a fright”.

He leaps up the steps of the home of a woman and her child and without hesitation, kicks down the door. As he rushes into the living room he’s greeted with a horrible sight: Jackal has the mother impaled on his Kagune and suspended in mid-air, the woman gasping for breath as blood bubbles in her throat. The young girl is crouched in the middle of the room, shrieking.

Jackal, not having noticed the Investigator, laughs aloud. “I bet this is scarier than any of those tacky costumes eh? Now shut your mouth girl. I need to eat in peace. I’ll save you for later”… He tips the woman further so that her blood trickles into his mouth through the jagged jaw cut into the mask. As he raises his eyes he sees a black blur flying towards him, and casts the dying woman aside before bringing his Koukaku Kagune around to parry the blow from Sasaki’s Quinque.

“So you did find me, dog… You’re a high ranking dove aren’t you? Imagine the fame I’d get if I devoured you… I wonder what you taste like!

Jackal’s Kagune slices through Yukimura ¼ as if it were no more than butter, and the Investigator receives a painful slash across his chest. He jumps back and scoops up the child. “What’s your name girl?” She sniffs, wiping her tears away and staring up at him. “Airi…” Sasaki smiles as he puts her down behind him. “That’s a pretty name. I’m Haise Sasaki. Please stay back…”

He turns to Jackal again and throws the remains of his Quinque to the ground. “You know that your older sister deserved to die right? She needlessly killed people even when she wasn’t hungry…”

Jackal snarls at him. “I bet Kishou Arima told you that didn’t he? Well I don’t care what you have to say. I’m going to tear you apart!!!”

His Kagune arcs around towards the Investigator from the left, but Sasaki grasps it in one hand, tearing the end of the limb off. Jackal curses. “What the hell are you? No normal Dove could do that…”

Sasaki smiles calmly as his single Kakugan materialises in his left eye. His Jet Black Kagune unfurls from his lower back and coils around his body. “Well you see, I’m no ordinary Investigator, and you should know that I didn’t become an Associate for no reason…”

He flashes out of Jackal’s vision, and the Ghoul only feels the superior Kagune ripping into his right side as he’s sent flying into a wall. He groans and stares up at the half-ghoul above him. “One…Eye… What the hell is that Arima thinking? A crazy scheme like this…”

Sasaki thrusts his Kagune into Jackal’s chest, bursting his heart. “Goodbye, Daichi Minami… If you see any of my victims in the afterlife, tell them that Eyepatch outlived them all…”

The S Rate Ghoul takes a shuddering breath as he dies staring into the eyes of Ken Kaneki (Haise Sasaki). The Investigator closes the dead man’s eyes, closing his own in respect. “Ghoul’s don’t have to be detestable creatures. It’s a choice, despite what the world tells us…” he murmurs to himself mutedly. He suddenly hears a noise and turns to see Aiki leaning over her mother’s body, weeping. He sighs and gets to his feet.

Taking Aiki’s hand, he embraces her softly. Leaning over to whisper into her ear.

“I’m sorry…”

“Happy Halloween…”

Comments: A short fanfiction Oneshot that I put together. Happy reading
Credits: Tokyo Ghoul and it's characters are the property of Ishida Sui. This entry however, is all mine :]]]
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Halloween Special - "Bearing Pain" by Akainu
He hadn't slept for days. Four nights actually. And the days inbetween. They were filled with agonizing lessons and a little milder toothpain. In the nights it was the other way. With no hope of sleep and no mind for learning the same boring subjects he excelled at anyway, he could only turn to TV and anime. Dull. The pain, not the shows. He loved the shows. The night before, the painkillers stopped working. So this night would guarantee another one or two full shows. He knew them all already. Re-runs were the best. Only shows that made him happy. Just what he needed. And the next day after "getting up" and slurping the only "food" he dared to put through his teeth, a cup of cold sugar free coffee, there was the exam.
The one exam that should decide all his future. Everything depended on it. A sleepwalker, he arrived in the classroom. It was empty. As is normal at 7, when teachers and students are not present. It took another two hours of throbbing pain for them to arrive. About 10.000 throbs. Not an exact measure. More of a guess. He had started to count late. But there was enough time to calculate until the others and the exam arrived.
And when they did it hit him. Not one line, not one question in the exam would stand still. They all moved around. Danced over his head and right through it. Even his own writing became hieroglyphs. He tried to speak, but his sounds were unintelligible for him. As were the teacher's. Panic. Deep inside it was rising, sheer and utter panic. And the taste of blood. Not the pleasant one that accompanies a good steak. The foul and rotten taste of blood mixed with pus. Blood mixed with pus and a stabbing pain. A pain growing louder and louder, hurting his ears. Distorting his vision. Melting his teeth.
Was this how it felt to die? The end, how fitting, coming to him in a classroom full of unlikable people. Full of monsters he could not understand. He tried to get up and leave, but his Pajamas were glued to the chair. This warm and cuddly chair, wrapped all around him. Like a beast devouring him. He tried to wrestle free, but he couldn't. And the pain still grew louder, while the taste in his mouth almost made him throw up. With a considerable effort he managed to free one arm. Then the other. Clinging onto his desk, just trying to get out and away from this nightmare.
Then, suddenly, the pain went silent. It died down. Should he be relieved now? He feared it coming back in full force. And it did. Wet and cold, splurging, all over his face. A feeling so natural. And yet something he couldn't explain to himself. It was out of this world. Alien. Lifting him to a new plane of existence. He awoke with a swollen jaw and a wet mitt in his face.
The exam ahead.

Comments & Credits: A spontanous extra short shortstory inspired by Sky (get well soon) and encouraged to publish here by Kaoz. Thank you both.


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Halloween special - The shadow in the dark by GodDarkness

The shadow in the dark
Mr. Atomitch was on his way back home from the cinema. It was 10 P.M. and the evening show had finished just an hour earlier.

He was happy. The movie was interesting (he liked the part where the hero fought and defeated all the villains single-handedly) despite his background in journalism. Like most movies, it had a happy ending and the hero not only managed to get the girl but also was able to convince the girl's parents to let him marry her. The audience had cheered and whistled and applauded when the couple finally kissed and then the movie ended.

He used to go to the cinema alone. He could not remember the last time he took Kira to to the cinema or anywhere else. Inside their house, they had their own private little lives and each respected the other's privacy .Zasz had been a widow before he married her. He had decided to stay unmarried until he finally yielded to his family's wishes and decided to marry at the age of thirty eight. There was a narrow path that branched out from the main road that led to his house. On either side of the path there were vegetable patches, cabbages, little radishes and turnips. It was difficult to navigate the path at night. His pocket torchlight lit the way, projecting a consistent beam of light.

As he approached his house, he heard the sound of leaves rustling in the direction of his guava trees. As he pointed his torch in that direction he saw a silhouette of a man standing just below the trees. Except, it wasn’t a man...

It had the body of a man in a black suit. His human-like qualities ended just as the neck began; It was a headless body, with a black mark around the neck.

Atomitch let out a scream. He dropped his torch and fell back. The torch fell on the ground and flickered for a second but continued illuminating the grass. Kira must have not heard his scream; she would have come outside the veranda if she had heard him screaming in front of the house like a lunatic.

He picked himself up and stumbled towards the door. He banged the door with his fists.

As he banged the door incessantly, he could see the body at the same place where he had first seen it. It was standing awkwardly, as if it was hung by the neck with a rope. Then it gave a lifeless twitch.

Finally, he heard footsteps from inside and the door opened and he burst inside. He bumped into his wife and nearly fell on the floor.

"What are you d~ " she began...

"Out!" He said. He could not speak. "Outside!" he cried as he pointed to the door. Shocked, It was all he could say...

She went outside. "There is nothing out here." she called back.

"A m- man" he stuttered "A man with no body!" He wanted to say "a man with no head." He was breathing like a man who was drowning...

Kira closed the door and looked at him with a perplexed expression.

"Just sit there on the sofa.You need a cup of tea to warm yourself." she said as she started walking towards the kitchen.

"Wait!" he said, still shaking violently and struggling to from coherent sentences. "I'll come with you" he blurted out.

She gave him a smile and went to the kitchen, and he straggled behind her.

He let out a bloodcurdling scream as he saw the body— sitting on the dining table—black suited and headless.

It got up.

Horrified, he turned towards kira to grab her and get out of the house. Instead, he saw a knife in her hand and a wicked smile on her face…

And then ...the lights went out.


Comments: I was playing some Slenderman ,and I thought at this text, given that everyone did one .:derp
This one goes out to @kira and @atomic_2000 my bro :hip

PS:Sowwy i forgot @lakhan220 and my senpai @WithYouInSpirit :emocat
It sounds more like a horror story given the situation:XD

:superGood luck to everyone in this contest :super
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Halloween Special -
"And if you gaze long into the TV screen, the TV screen and you will become close friends who will experience magical adventures together"
by Shionoro
Comments: Shionoro is the best Shio, but also the worst Noro. You be the judge.

Helloween is about candy. But candy can take so many different shapes on forms.
When you're a kid, the definition is quite literal. Ben was no kid.
And when you are a teen, it's quite obviously sex and drugs. But Ben was no teen either.
And when you're old and single, your drug on helloween is your TV, and with it the reruns of once beloved shows and some cheap horror flicks they butchered so they can send them early.
You can find that pathetic if you want to, but Ben liked the reruns. Hell of a lot better than embarassing yourself at 'old people parties' where 50 year old men desperately try to find 'love' and all this other kiddy crap. He once had his wild times, they are over, and and he was fine with the life he leads now. He just hated the people and mechanisms in this world which want to prevent him from just hanging arround in front of a screen when he wanted to.
He peeked onto the silly loony toons watch he kept since childhood. It told him 'that's all folks' and also that it was almost 9pm.
Time to get excited for the dark shadows marathon.

The door rang. Talk about timing, Ben thought to himself. It's not like he didnt know what happens in the shower scene of Psycho, but it's still nice to eat pizza while the killer stabs that lady down. Can't these damn kids take a hint? His house is the only one in the whole lane without any decoration, how likely do they think it is that he has candy?
But Ben was not a bitter man. Deep down, he enjoyed playing the angry old men shouting the kids to get away from his property and threaten to chase them. It's what the kids enjoy at helloween, don't they? Some Drama. May they have it.
He quickly tried out his 'angry redneck' face in the the mirror. Then an idea of genius struck him. He left a snickers on the floorshelf before. He would eat it in front of there eyes, and THEN scream at them. Comfortable in his role, opened the door, ready to shout.
But noone was there.
Little fuckers. Ben sighed. The street was really empty. It's strange, usually you'd hear lots of screams and laughter on helloween, but right now you'd hear a..
A scream from the old barn across the road?

Ben was about to shut the door, and any other night, he would have done it.
But tonight, curiosity got the better of him. He deployed the snickers in his shirtpocket and walked towards the barn
Helloween is about adventures.
In young years it is about having them, in old age it is about remembering them.
But somehow, Ben began to feel young when he inhaled the cool autumn air into his lungs and smelled the moist leafs.

He tried to push the door open, but it was blocked.
God knows how long that barn stood there, but it belonged to noone and noone used it. It was just there, sometimes making the wind howl through all its cracks. At least noone will sue me for breaking in. Still, Ben was undecided. The Barn might belong to noone, but was it okay to break the door open? Leave alone with his old bones? Ben was about to turn arround when he heard a strange growling noise and scared whimpering from inside the barn. There goes nothing. Fuck my knee.

Ben didnt exspect it himself, but his body hadn't forgotten his army time. The door burst open and then, when the streetlights' rays entered the darkness of the barn, he saw it: A creature in the clothes of a man. Or were his eyes playing tricks on him and it was a man after all? It didn't matter, because monsters in the clothes of men and men who are monsters share a trait: Harming the weak.
This is why Ben didn't get scared due to the creatures fangs. instead, he got insanely angry due to the creatures claws and the neck of the boy they embraced.
The ensuing fight was short, but nasty. Ben was not as strong and fast as the thing and his liver and chest paid for that.
I am not going down that easily.

He hurt it. Damn, he hurt it. One punch at a time. The beast let out a scream of pain after Ben thought he had broken its nose.
Ben stared into hateful wild eyes in the dim light. But his own eyes must not have been much different, since the beast seemed to realize that he wouldn't back down. With a last cry, it pushed him to the side and ran away too fast for ben to even think about following it.

Ben's first reaction was to smile at the boy, who was scared out of his mind and cowered in the corner.
Ben's second reaction was to puke until there was nothing left.
It took some minutes until he pulled himself together and got the crying boy out of the barn.
"Are you hurt, son? Your neck?"
"Don't worry, pal. The man is gone".
"It....It was no man."
They were both under shock, so they probably had both seen things. But then...Then why do i have this giant bloody scratch on my shoulder?
"Let's don't get carried away here. It was an evil guy and he is gone. Alright?"
"It chased me....And after...after i ringed your door.......It...He....wanted to...In the barn...wanted to...."
"He didn't. That's what counts. I heard you ring, i heard a scream from the barn and then that guy seemed less like a monster but more like a little coward to me after i broke his nose. You saw that, right? BAM! and he cried."
Ben imitated a punch and an exaggerated high pitched cry to make the boy feel better.
It worked, he laughed while still having tears in his eyes.
"When I....sniff....When he attacked me, i kicked him as hard as i could. That is the cry you have heard, mister!"
"Good boy. See? I'm old, so next time, you will handle that coward yourself, right?"
The boy smiled. Ben kinda liked that kid. Fuck it, he deserves some treat after that trick.
"Where do you live? Need a ride home?"
"No sir, i was almost at home. It's the house right there at the end of the road."
"Fine. This is for you. Remember how brave you were, alright?"
Ben handed over the miracoulously undamaged snickers and his watch. There was really nothing else he coulda given away and it would have felt bad to not give something.
"Gonna break this barn down myself if I have to. You won't have to see it everyday, i don't think anyone will care."
"Thanks sir, you are really cool! Next helloween I will ring with all my friends and give YOU some sweets!"
Oh fuck me.
Alright then pal, looking forward to it. Now it is time to go home. I bet you mom's worried."
The boy wave goodbye on the way back and Ben watched until he went inside the house.
Should i go to the hospital? Naaah, I feel lucky today....

Helloween is about coming of age. fear and overcoming fear.
But Ben's age already came. So Helloween is about fucking enjoying it.
He ordered another Pizza, let himself fall into his cozy armchair and smiled when the first episode of the Dark Shadows marathon started.
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