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Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

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Nov 16, 2005
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Abu Dhabi
...nobody would know without asking.

(Bear in mind this means internet friends, so your description counts.)

You can start your list, and leave it incomplete and come back and edit it later.

If you want to discuss anything in this thread, we have a Discussion Thread on the 25 or 50 Things about Yourself . Enjoy!

I'll start...

1. I'm deaf (surprise!)
2. I'm a photographer
3. I've been drawing since I was 3 years old
4. I love Naruto, and do weekly or monthly reviews for it over in the Naruto section here.
5. I'm brown haired
6. I'm blue eyed
7. I'm around 5'10"
8. I used to play football ( American version )
9. I love Lords of the Rings
10. I've lived in five states in the United States
11. The reason we moved so much was because my dad was moved around for manager jobs at various companies
12. ...also they were looking for a good school for the deaf for me, but I eventually ended up going to a public school
13. I have a double degree in Art History and Studio Arts
14. I now own a '02 Liberty. It's practically brand-new despite being four years old, and I LOVE it.
15. My favorite candy is Skittles
16. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate
17. I also played rugby in college
18. I'm an American
19. I was born in Florida
20. My heritage is mostly Welsh ( Wales ), with some English, French, Scottish, Irish, Cherokee, and German thrown in.
21. The place I want to visit the most is Italy, as I love Renaissance art.
22. My dream is to become a comic book artist
23. My favorite classical artist is Michelangelo, but I was most inspired by fantasy artwork later on, such as by the late Keith Parkinson.
24. I love Final Fantasy games
25. My favorite American comic book artist was Rags Morales (he's the one who inspired me to draw more comics)
26. I also love Elfquest - it's my favorite American comic of all time. I have all the colored Father Press paperbacks.
27. I have been in five relationships... to date... >_<
28. I hate math with a passion
29. I think I have a pretty good memory for the most part, except when it concerns numbers
30. English was my favorite subject
31. My junior year in high school I took journalism, played football, and ran track
32. My dad was a mechanic, the best I've ever known - he can fix almost anything
33. My mom's the best storyteller I've ever known, and she was an English tutor in college.
34. I'm going to graduate school to get a masters in history, thanks to art history getting me interested
35. Hoping to teach or have some sort of career by 2009 or 2010. At that point, don't expect to see me much here ^^;
36. My first forum was Hero Realm, an American comic book forum, which I joined in 2001.
37. While there, I became an art moderator, but had some disagreements with the admins and left in 2003 ^^;
38. I first joined Naruto Forums in the summer of 2004 after getting interested in American Shonen Jump
39. My friend first showed me the SJ magazine at my art studio in 2002 to show me the drawing styles.
40. I got hooked to Naruto almost instanteously, though I liked Yu-Gi-Oh best at the time (not anymore, though)
41. I got modded at Naruto Forums as a Naruto Avenue moderator in the summer of 2005
42. NJT came to me and asked me if I wanted to help with a little site called MH in the fall of 2005
43. I was one of the first admins of MH when it opened in November, 2005. ^^
44. I helped with the creation and organization of nearly every section in MH prior to my stepping down.
44. I actually didn't set out to promote and encourage OTHER mangas at MH - I was still pretty Naruto-centric at that point.
45. I got very interested in Bleach, though, and made a thread for it for my friend Dragonzair here at MH. It caught on ^^
46. I picked my friend Hermie as the OP moderator here because I knew he was a huge fan, and he helped the OP section grow.
47. I got into seinen pretty late - but what really got me liking the genre was Blade of the Immortal.
48. I hated Berserk at first, but started liking it later on. Same deal with Gantz.
49. One of the things I'm most proud of at MH is promoting Eyeshield 21 - and seeing it being fully scanlated to the latest chapter.
50. I stepped down in the spring of 2007 because I finally decided I was spending too much time on the internet and not enough time concentrating on my own life. ^^ But I'll always love MH.


You get the idea. Talk away ;)

P.S. If you want to do more than 50, that's fine too :amuse

EDIT: Updated this list as of Oct. 01 '07, been a while, and some things changed ^^
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Nov 25, 2005
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Fine!!! I'm:

A game freak
I love eating
I love reading
I hate sports
I'm a class topper for boys
black haired
I have white hair due to too much thinking about studies
brown eyes
I kinda liked soccer and badminton
my nickname is cado or bebong
I hate being called cimol
My height is 163 cm
I'm 13
My birthday is 18 June
My weight is 55 kg
I have a Gamefaqs account
I liked pokemon and yugioh before
My attitude=Shikamaru. I'm lazy to do anything
I love foods that is salty
I like drinking ochas and tea
I have high cholestrol due to sitting in the computer too much :p

well, I'll edit this later!!


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Nov 17, 2005
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United States
My turn My turn!!!! :spaz

1. I am one of the earliest members in MH.
2. I am 5'2".
3. I have a smelly pillow. *blush*
4. I have a brother.
5. I am a kakashi fan.
6. I love Lord of the Rings.
7. I loves bananas.
8. I am terrible in using scissors.
9. I am very lazy.
10. I have a mother who loves to nag. :D
11. I have more than 80 certificates of achievement.
12. I hope I am taller.
13. I am a big fan of Michael Schumacher.
14. I am very talkative.
15. I dont have a pet.
16. I throw javelin, shot putt and discus.
17. I am left handed.
18. I am a bit dylexic. (just a bit. It's because studies show that lefties have the tendency to be dyslexic. =/)
19. I am an earth dragon and a vigorean.
20. I love to eat eggs. :nuts Nothing beats eggs.
21. I can colour but not so well.
22. I can ride a bicycle.
23. I am a scout in my school.
24. I have been to my capital for 5 times free of charge.
25. I hate vegetables. =/

The rest, later.


26. I am a HUGE F1 Ferrari team.
27. I am terrible in physic when I am good in Maths. =/
28. I love my brother very much and see him as the measuring stick to my achievements.
29. I like travelling.
30. I like to get my hand dirty rather than sitting in a class listening to boring lectures. :p
31. I have headache and mouth ulcer very often.
32. I like salty food.
33. I am bad in remembering names and faces.
34. I hope I have "Storm on the Sea of Galilee" with me now.
35. I like oldies.

to be continued.............
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Dec 8, 2005
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Cool Idea :)

1. i'm Italian
2. i don't know how to use inches or Pm-Am
3. so, im 172 cm
4. i'm brown haired, but i color my hair sometime light red, sometime black(light red right now)
5. light brown eye, but i wear blue or green contact lenses(instead of glasses, wich i hate)
6. i'm bisexual
7. i''m well builded(if i was a girl, i'll rape myself u.u)
8. graduated in the 4 grade of trinity college
9. i just love english speaking and writing, but still hate some grammatic rules
10. i'm in love with Asuma and Kurenai
11. i really think that genma and raidou are lovers
12. i start love this forum and his member, even if i don't write it everywhere Thanks, still love it
13. i have got a deviantart account
14. i'm a non-fiction writer
15. i like the sea, the clouds, the sky
16. i have a twin and a little brother
17. i like lord of the ring, but not that much
18. i hate fanatic people
19. hate homophobes
20. i think that Italy means not Mafia.

Now they are 20 :)


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Jan 2, 2006
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My turn!

1. I'm a girl
2. My mother is Asian but my father is European
3. I'm German
4. I've moved already 4 times (but only in Germany)
5. I'm 1,77 m
6. I love to read especially fantasy books
7. I wear glasses
8. I love action and martial art movies (yay!)
9. I've got a lil sis
10. I'm messy so my room always look like chaos
11. I like to draw and color manga when I find the time
12. I' m an internet addict
13. My favourite food is pizza but I'll also go for Bihun soup ;)
14. I own a Ford Fiesta '93 but before I had a Ford Escort '97 which was much cooler *geez
15. I've already finished school and I'm in vocational training now
16. I'd like to study law afterwards
17. I love comedy romance (shoujo) manga and action (shonen) manga
18. I'm hot-tempered
19. My favourite music is Rock
20. I like to play role play games, i.e. Final Fantasy, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
21. I'm wasteful with money :crying
22. I'm horribly lazy
23. I hate brussels sprouts
24. I often use to play board games with my friends
25. I've got a japanese penpal and a German friend who studies Japanese

25.... finished....for a start! :lol


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Dec 7, 2005
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1. I am a 23 year old female (but I look in my teens - I get carded every time!)
2. I have a weird mix of a Californian and New Jersey accent
3. I wasn't born religious but I am now (Jewsh)
4. I am a brunette with a foot long braid
5. I have brown eyes behind glasses (I wear contacts but haven't gotten used to them yet)
6. I'm an F-cup naturally (and actually highly embarrassed about it - so why am I saying it here?)
7. I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables growing up. Since then, I just want to do magic or jutsus.
8. I can draw all the bones in the human body by memory (from my Archeology training)
9. I used to work as a hotel front desk supervisor, an art gallery curator, and at a fish market.
10. My favorite bit of trivia is that the capital of Morocco is Rabat.
11. I was on a Daily Show episode this past spring pretending to work for a college department that I actually didn't work for.
12. My family travels to somewhere for two weeks every winter (so far been to Puerto Rico, Israel, Cabo San Lucus, Kauai, Key Largo, & Riveria Maya) and the next stop is Australia (one week at The Reef, one week near Sydney)
13. I'm allergic to caffine but I break the rules for chocolate.
14. My Great-Grandfather was in San Francisco for the 1906 earthquake and I was there for the '89 earthquake.
15. I have collected many different things and won awards for my hourglass and pansy trinket collections.
16. I am a nonstop reader - both fiction and nonfiction - I pick purses sizes based on how small I can get that still carries a book.
17. I have attempted to learn Hebrew, Spanish, French, Elvish, Japanese, Yiddish and Hawaiian and still only speak English.
18. I can shovel a 4 foot deep 1X1 foot square hole in about 20 minutes (30 when screening the dirt)
19. I am an expert at the Kevin Bacon game - or any movie trivia for that matter - and I'm known for my accurate movie reviews.
20. If you could make money writing poetry, I'd be doing that instead.

EDITED a LONG time later...
21. I was once on a plane that got turned around cuz someone has a heart attack while on it
22. I have a younger bro, Isaac, who just got accepted to the Harvard of Art Schools ... he's trying to become an animator.
23. My Hebrew name is Aliza Alexandra Bat Shoshana V'Yaakov Ha Cohen ... meaning Aliza (Joy) Alexandra (Strong) daughter of Shoshana (desert rose) and Yaakov (one who supplants) the Cohen (of the priestly clan).
24. I was Pipi Longstockings for Halloween in 2nd Grade and my brother was the monkey.
25. I am officially bad luck for the St Louis Cardinals Baseball Team -
26. I end conversations with "Love You, babe" when chating with friends or "Lilas Toes" a bastardization of Lila Tov (good night in Hebrew)
27. I am extremely messy ... my apartment is like a disaster area
28. I took 12 years of ballet, 5 years of tap, and 2 years of jazz dance.
29. I DO NOT know how to ride a bicycle.
30. Even though I have a fear of heights I have overcome it to parasail in Cabo and climb the pyramid at Chichen Itza
31. Motion sickness sucks. I can't go to IMAX movies and even with a love of boats, there have been some BAD experiences
32. I like to sing in the shower. I tend to sing pop or japrock there and reserve the real rock for my commute to work.
33. The worst part of living where I do is having to find time to go to the laundrymat
34. Snuffalupogus was my favorite Sesame Street character growing up ... but I liked the Yup Yup aliens too ...
35. Best T shirt in existance IMHO is so wrong ... I saw someone walking around NYC last August wearing this ... don't highlight if you havent touched HBP and dont like spoilers: It read "Snape Kills Dumbledore on page 606"


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Dec 1, 2005
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United Kingdom
1. I am one of the older members of these forums (it seems), having just turned 27.
2. I come from the West Midlands of the UK, which means I talk like Ozzy Osbourne.
3. My eyes are between a dull Green & Blue & tend to change from Blue to Green when my eyes get bloodshot (most weird it is)
4. I have dark brown hair
5. I'm 6ft 3in...
6. ...Which I think is the same height as my favourite Naruto character - Jiraiya!
7. I'm an Asian film fanatic, have been for many years now.
8. But Japanese cinema is my #1 love.
9. I've been a fan of anime since Akira hit the UK in 1991.
10. I write film+DVD reviews for a reasonably well known DVD review site.
11. I'm actually quite a laid back kinda guy in person, but I don't come across that way online!
12. I cannot think of 25 noteworthy things to say about myself, which means I must be pretty boring! :D


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Jan 1, 2006
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United States
eh why not, I'm bored

1. I'm still in high school, and I get the feeling I'm one of the few on here.
2. I'm about 5'9"
3. I'm asian, and I have long black hair.
4. My haircut looks like Kira Yamato's haircut in Gundam Seed. Oh and it works.
5. I've been drawing manga for about 3 years.
6. I play poker every friday or saturday night.
7. I spend the other night with my girlfriend.
8. I'm an avid martial artist.
9. People have described me as genius, cold, sadistic, and hilarious.
10. I play basketball about 3 times a week.
11. I play basketball barefoot and have done so enough that my feet are almost numb from any sort of pain.
12. I like talking alot.
13. I got a 2380 on my SATs.
14. My favorite video games are Final Fantasy 8, Super Smash Bros. Meele, and Legend of Legaia.
15. I like any video game where i can fight.
16. I consistently psychoanalyze everyone I know, and thus try to predict what people will say or do in response to something.
17. The ideas I come up with are typically very unique.
18. My favorite type of music is rock, and my favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Disturbed, and Papa Roach.
19. I actually do have a soft side.
20. My favorite tv show is friends and i own all 10 seasons on dvd.
21. Right now i watch scrubs because dr. cox is my hero.
22. I have a little bit of an insomnia problem.
23. My allergies cause my eyes to turn so red that if there were 3 dots in my eyes I'd have the sharingan.
24. I think it's unfair that my eyes suffer this badly and I don't get the powers of the sharingan.
25. There are a bunch of sophomore girls who like me lol.
26. My favorite color is emerald green.
27. I'm currently working on a novel based on a manga I created.
28. I lived in Kansas until i was in 9th grade.
29. My relationship with the people in my hometown in Kansas is the same as Gaara's was with the sand village.
30. There are very few emotions and feelings that I have yet to expierence.

I'll continue later


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Dec 18, 2005
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1) I like cats to a point people think unnatural...
2) My eyes are hazel brown and I have a triangle shaped mark on my right eye's pupil
3) I was 150lbs/68Kg in 10th grade, 165/75Kg in 11th, 187/85Kg senior year and now that I have lived in Kavala for a while I'm 210/95Kg. People don't believe that though and insist that it's by bones...
4) I'm 173cm/5.6ft tall :tem
5) I like blue things  a lot and blue is one of the colors I really like
6) I really like languages and etymology a lot, though after learning English and trying French I spent a lot of time not learning anything. Now I'm trying to take up Japanese :D
7) I have a mole like thing on my right arm which is actually a chicken pots mark
8) I tend to be drawn and often realize the things I'm awed by and kind of fear. For example:
9) I've played in two school plays and have cited poems and other texts in front of many friends and parents of friends at school (in fact I was among the favorites of teachers for that spot) when I have always thought of myself as shy.
10) Even though my course was "technological" I scored 2.3/20 on "Special Course Math" and 17/20 on "Composition and Expression" :D
11) In the past I took Tae-Kwon-Do lessons, but things didn't turn out well due to my scumbag of a sensei... and to think  I tried to look up to him.
12) I really like forums like this one where people can get to know each other and have long interesting discussions where everyone learns something :tem
13) My grandpa, my father and I are rhabdomancers
14) I've been feeling something that I believe is "ki" since some foggy period around ages 10 through 12
15) I listen to a lot of kinds of music and I'm open to suggestions
16) I also like RPGs and have played a few though...
17) My monumental procrastination has led me to finish a few and generally do finish even less...
18) I've once played WoW for 28 hours (a friend once played lineage for 55 hours), though I still claim not to like the game itself as much as other games, rather than the atmosphere here in this nice and cosy place... (3D, the net cafe where I spend a lot of my free time)
19) Umm... I've reached a state where I savour the company of women when I can find it to a point that almost scares me... I need a woman in my life badly, thouhg it's the kind of life that doesn't help.
20) I'm a big bookworm, though I eat books at high speeds
21) I haven't set up the antenna of my TV since I moved! And to tell you the truth...
22) ...I don't miss TV at all :D
23) I like chocolate, ice cream and biscuits :D
24) I've had an intense sexual experience with a (girl)friend when I was very young but since then nada... (cry snif sob)
25) I have a few stories with shadows to share in the "scary stories thread"...

To be concluded...


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Dec 1, 2005
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cool idea ^____^

1. I'm a Filipina
2. I'm 5'2
3. I am majoring in Physics (geek!)
4....but minoring in History (weird)
5. I have two dogs: whitey who is brown and blackie who is white
6. I have a sailormoon manga collection
7. I like choco mint anything
8. I absolutely adore garfield
9. I love math
10. I am a campus journalist
11. I love Scrubs
12. I hate Fox for canceling Arrested Development
13. I don't know how to cook
14. I almost run over a policeman while taking my driving lesson
15. I want to go to France

i'll edit it later...


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Jan 2, 2006
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United States
Hmm interesting, this should work:

1. I am male, 20, 21 in April
2. I am a big Seth Macfarlane fan so I love Family Guy/American Dad.
3. I am a Nerd-Boy, got my funyons and my Mountain Dew ;)
4. I am a Stephen Lynch Fan
5. I prefer the games from the SquareSoft era back when there was quality not SquareEnix they can burn in hell and only produced 1 game I like.
6. I hate Kingdom Hearts with a firey pashion I think it too should burn rot in hell I wish for its demise.(I will most likely be lynched or negative pointed for this one :P )
7. I loved the Original Star Wars trilogy when the force was something mystical and not tangible.
8. I believe heavilly in sterotypes, and it sucks for me bing Irish/German/French. All three of which love their liqour and one very smelly o.o
9. I still love playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo games, which is why I love my roms I got games some cant find :D
10. I am a big Godzilla fan.
11. I enjoy watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Watched Season 1,3 and on 2 now =D )
12. Very paranoid and very sarcastic it just naturally flows from me (Ive been told so)
13. I enjoy listening to many different types of music, though I mainly lean into metal/rock, favorite band is KoRn, and tones of others behind.
14. I cannot tolerate "l33t" speech it, its just something in my opinion for the ignorant to use, nothing clever about it.
15. I enjoy good rpg's with deep enthralling stories that are interesting as can be, they can be 2D for all I care so long the story is interesting.
16. I have three cats "Godzilla" "Wolfgang" and "Char" and among these is an annoyting twit chicken "Max" who they HAVE NOT EATEN!! >=(
17. I enjoy writing and rp'ing in that sense too.
18. I enjoy drawing even though I am not that great at it.
19. I would like to become a movie maker some day, hell if George Lucas can do it, so can I! :P
20. I enjoy Kevin Smith films, I am looking forward to "Clersk 2: Passion of the Clerks" and enjoyed the first and all the others.
21. I am not only from being a manga guy, but I am a big Spider-Man fan and wish I could get ahold the originals with out paying a but load and Sam Reimi ROCKS!
22. I am an Evil Dead fan to make that clear afther the "Sam Reimi ROCKS!" Heh heh
23. I am into technology no matter how much it likes messing with me >_<
24. Amidst the paranioa and sarcasm, I am generally a nice guy, who is generally quiet and quite shy ^^
25. I enjoy hanging out with my friends as its come to be outside my brother and mom, my friends that I am close to are great and better then family.

So uh there ya go, maybe I can release a 26-50 ;) :P


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Nov 17, 2005
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01 . Male, 24.9, high-risk age range for medical malfunctions and derangement
02 . Working on a BS in CS, amusing how that fits
03 . Spent several years in Japan, mainly in the boonies and tambo's.
04 . Learned Japanese mainly through serious study and roujin kaiwa
05 . manga is strictly a side amusement, don't care for most anime

06 . "watashi wa gaijin de shimatta ga, uchujin de wa nai yo"
07 . Listening in fluently on obasan's punking on my tall whiteyness, then saying "tenki wa ii na" is evil fun.
08 . I have severe systemic allergies to rice pollen, kome no kafun ga deru toki atama ga itaku ni bakuhatsu shite shimasu.
09 . I remember where I was when the news that the "Akai Ringo" enka singer died, (about the time of the Ehime Maru incident) but I forget her name. :(
10 . Primary Japanese-related hobby is the study of train schedules.

11 . Am a scientificly minded Evangelical Pentacostal Fundamentalist Christian, with a few odd notions that would make even those guys think I'm "out there".
12 . Job is designing simulator systems so that US-aligned militaries can do a more effective job of 'neutralizing' the folks they're after.
13 . Saw Pope John Paul II and Tom Brokaw in Jerusalem during the Jubilee 2000, visited with PM-pro tem Ehud Olmert as well. He's a tough cookie.
14 . Also spent some time with the widow of the Deputy Undersecretary for Palestinian Affairs in the British Mandate.
15 . Made a pilgrimage to Yad Vashem and Auschwitz, every human needs to do so at least once in their life.

16 . Quote Yoda, Indiana Jones, and Monty Python I can, yes...
17 . Any given day the car radio alternates between the preacher channel, hip-hop, classical, and hair metal. Personal CD stash is mainly J-Techno and J-Pop, due to the limited availability stateside.
18 . Oldest of seven kids.
19 . One Grandfather was *the* lead test engineer for initial airborne radar deployment and operations for the 8th and 15th Army Air Forces, other Grandfather was a Submarine skipper at Pearl.
20 . Munching on a king-sized bag of jumbo black licorice.

21 . Job requirements invlolve getting up late, 'working' on video games all day, and going to bed late to sync with my boss's schedule overseas.
22 . Hand-built all four of my pc's; 3 servers and one workstation. Oldest is a 486dx266 Netware 3.11 server pushing SCSI-2 brick drives on an active backplane, two gentoo data servers, and a dual-monitor WinXP workstation that has been virus and spyware free since installation over a year and a half ago. It can be done, and online too.
23 . Neighbors down the road from my parents made national news for humping horses.
24 . Some kids want piercings in weird places, I want a cybernetic implant for direct computer and biomechanical interfacing.
25 . "The penguin always faces the window..."


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英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
Dec 29, 2005
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1. i am male
2. from turkey
3. yes i am muslim
4. no i am not very religious (but still i love my religion :))
5. at university, last semester
6. very unhappy for now, because of last news from my university
7. do not know why i am diong this
8. like internet,oops sorry i love internet
9. have a part-time job about on football (soccer) data analysis
10. have a sister
11. no girlfriend for last 2 years ( i am ssooo lonely :P )
12. love to talk
13. love to share ideas
14. sometimes very stubborn (i am trying to overcome it for sometime)
15. my favourite anime/manga is naruto
16. hate racists
17. do not get why greeks are full of anger to turkish people
18. move with my brain rather than my heart and sometimes wishes able to move much more according to my heart
19. love all most all kind of animals
20. do not think i will understand girls one day :D
21. have been and worked at USA for a while
22. want to travel to europe ( wanna do interrail this summer )
23. love PSX but i do not have PS2 :S
24. do not cause troubles
25. like sleeping


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Nov 24, 2005
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1. im a dude
2. primary ethnicity is german
3. live in south eastern US
4. im 15
5. freshman in highschool
6. i take 11th grade classes though (gay, not hard, just gay)
7. im very lazy
8. im 6 foot 2
9. noone messes with me, not even seniors
10. very smart
11. cocky :P
12. dont play sports though (despite many recruit attempts for football)
13. i think im pretty good with photoshop as well as computers
14. its lookin that im going for a job as network specialist
15. i listen to what i want (f*ck musical stereotypes)
16. i pretty much do what i want =/
17. i was born and raised and always lived in the same state
18. ive never even left the eastern US on travel or anything else
19. ive downloaded thousands of dollars in illegal software and music
20. extremely lazy
21. im generally friendly despite the fact my friends tell me i look mean/scary
22. if i had ever really applied myself, i might've been skipped up a grade :P
23. oh yeah very forgetful
24. forgot to mention i have dark blonde hair
25. green eyes
26.and ill take all yall on >:)


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Dec 1, 2005
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1. I'm a Mexican
2. I have a very random and very awful humor which only the strong eared can handle.
3. I am a lesbian.
4. I love graphic arts.
5. I have a small part in my personality to become popular most of the time....
6. I like Rice Balls with Rib meat in them.
7. I almost never brag about sexual conquests which aggitates my friends.
8.I am semi-deaf in my right ear.
9. I do have a few close celebrity friends I talk to on aim and the phone.
10. I freestyle and M.C for fun.
11. I hate losing in debates and feel inadaquate when I don't have a long post in a thread.
12. I am going to school for Game Design
13. I actually own a Legal Copy of most Adobe Software.
14. I dislike grammar.
15. I hate mayonaise
16. I have Brown Hair and Brown Eyes
17. I am considered a next gen thinker by many of my peers and teachers and get treated differently, which I hate.
18. I never got a chance to enter in a fighting game tournmanet.
19. No matter how good I am with a character in street fighter I always lose to Bison.
20. When I eat frys I eat them to about the end and throw the ends around.
21. I bang my head into a pillow when I listen to music....
22. I can't draw but wish I could.
23. I like doing Edited Mangas but time is so small for me....
24. I have actually had sex with a teacher and a co-worker which defeats one of the numbers above.
25. I have never lost a fight but have gotten hurt pretty bad.
26. I have killed 3 people, all in one car accident.
27. I fear being shot in the head and dieing in a car accident.
28. I get some what depressed after sex for some reason.
29. I love Zondas.
30. I enjoy talking to people but no one IM's me any more because I'm so boring at times.
31. I am an Admin at Naruto-kun and wrote most of their information.
32. I like doing layouts and such but for some reason can't use the Pen tool correctly.
33. I love writing information.
34. I modded for a short time at certain game site.
35. I use to have a thpeach impediment.
36. Faveorite Show- Niptuck
37. Faveorite Song- Spaceship by Angieaparo
38. Faveorite Band- AC/DC
39.Faveoite Color- Midnight green
40. I hate clowns
41. I love cooking.
42. I never used a gun in my life.
43. I like hot wheels.
44. I am completely horrible at math.
45. I'm easy to get along with.
46. I don't always meet deadlines.
47. I wish I knew japanese.
48. I hate when people can't understand my view.
49. I like women with some fat....
50. I'm a pathological liar 40% of the time.


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Dec 15, 2005
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Hehe, my turn! ^.^

1. My name is Alexandra, but I like to just be called Alex (I was named Alexandra before the name craze of it in 1988).
2. I'm currently 18, 19 in March.
3. I look a lot younger than I am.
4. I'm Australian.
5. I only did half of year 11, then I dropped out.
6. But I finished my higher education last year at TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education).
7. I have really thick hair, and I lose a lot of it, much to the *joy* of my dad when he goes vaccuuming.
8. My hair is pretty much a mess of different blonde colours...
9. I love to draw, but my shoulder prevents me from doing much work.
10. My fav J-pop artist is Ayumi Hamasaki.
11. I am very passionate about how 4kids killed Tokyo Mew Mew.
12. I've been to 2 anime conventions so far (I'm not counting the comic con where I annoyed the guy who does Goku's voice, and the Pokemon thing that was on back in 2000... I was a pathetic fangirl.)
13. I have a Tsunade outfit in my wardrobe, and I wear the robe often. I also have a Tokyo Mew Mew waitress uniform.
14. I have a fursona; a squirrel called RJ, who for some reason, people actually like.
15. Listening to people rant is one of my favourite past-times.
16. I wish I had purple hair.
17. When I go to university this year, I'll be doing a Bachelor of Multimedia.
18. And when I go to this year's anime convention in Sydney, I'm hoping to a) get an artist's table and sell stuff, and b) cosplay as Sakura, after the timeskip.
19. I'm not a shonen-ai/shojo-ai fan at all.
20. I'm part of an anime club at the local university, and I once won a packet of 'roast green peas' from there... o_o
21. I'm a procrastinator.
22. I like to write sensible fanfiction.
23. Math flummoxes me.
24. I once worked at mcdonalds, but the managers had a habit of making people cry on a daily basis.
25. And finally, I'm a Naruto fan (but of course I would be to be here!).


中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member
Nov 25, 2005
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1. I have the same name as a famous actor, who also comes from my city.
2. I'm a devout atheist.
3. I'm gay. In the non-flaming way. I have issues with flaming gays.
4. I have absolutely zero artistic talent.
5. I've blondish-brown hair.
6. I've blue eyes.
7. I'm 6'1.
8. I can't stand sports.
9. I'm hugely into martial arts.
10. To even get a shot at learning Baguazhang (Hakkeshou) is one of my life goals.
11. I've been able to properly speak 6 languages during my life. Currently, that's down to 4.
12. I have some level of comprehension in about 10 languages.
13. I hate speaking, in any language.
14. I am a complete video game addict. Well, recently anyway.
15. I have never played WoW, but my catchphrase is still "FOR THE HORDE".
16. My favorite anything flavour is vanilla.
17. I enjoy linguistics. No, really, far too much.
18. I'm Irish, born and raised.
19. I'm a nationalist. As in, I don't care what your heritage is, if you were born and raised in America, you're American and I'll laugh at you if you tell me otherwise. And so on.
20. I believe that The Lion King is the greatest animated production in history, and nothing animated has ever EVER come close to even matching it. Not even Naruto.
21. My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett and Terry Brooks.
22. My favourite music is...yes...The Lion King soundtrack.
23. My favourite music genre is 80s music. I'm on a big Genesis kick at the moment.
24. I'm, amazingly, not a Japanophile. I watch more TV from America than I do from Japan, and I prefer Irish culture to Japanese culture.
25. I have never been in a single relationship.
26. I am the only person I know, online and offline, who likes Japanese dramas. Except for the Japanese guy I have staying here at the moment, but yeah.
27. I, like Anax, believe in the existence of "ki".
28. Due to the guy staying with me, I currently think in an obscure dialect of Japanese that probably nobody knows.
29. As an unofficial linguistics project, I invented a dialect of Japanese that offshoots from Old Japanese, has no influence from modern Japanese and actually developed into its own language with its own grammatical structure.
30. Yes, I am THAT kind of weirdo.
31. I forgetted to say, I'm a shodan in karate, hopefully going for my nidan this year.
32. My actual motto is Hakuna Matata. It fits me really well.
33. It is ridiculously difficult to think up stuff for this when you have a thread where you answer a ton of questions about yourself.

More to come!


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Dec 30, 2005
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United States
1. age : 18
2. height : 5'7''
3. weight: 150lbs
4. ethnic: hmong
5. hair color : black
6. eye color : brown
7. education : currently in college
8. photoshop user
9. counter-strike fan
10. FF series fan
11. trance/euro/techno fan
12. hate english
13. work at mcD *heh*
14. work a second job during the night *not THAT kind of night job* :smile-big
15. layback
16. easy-going
17. live each day as it is
18. dont clubbing
19. myspace addict
20. currently in a situation between 2 girls (co-worker and friend at college)
21. perfer vanilla over chocolate
22. a moderator for a Counter-Strike server
23. currently playing Magic : The Gathering Online
24. favorite color : black
25. dress style : suits yet casual (example : dress shirt + slacks + dress shoes or black lugz that looks like dress shoes)
26. obviously like naruto (manga)
27. have a grudge against the animators who did the Naruto VS Sasuke
28. like slow smooth songs that ease the heart (example : Endless Love by Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon and Fly Me to Polaris by Cecilia Cheung)
29. like action / adventure / humor movie types
30. like VGcats
31. culture belief : Shamanism (i dont find Shamanism as a religion)
32. like taking naps in the middle of the day espically on cold days
33. stopped drawing at the age of 13
34. body type : average (soon to be firm )
35. hate wannabe thugs
36. like to think of our existence
37. like to question one's reason of life
38. first book read completely : The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
39. favorite book : The Giver (reason : questions our society and our beliefs as human)
40. hate alot of the dub animes / movies
41. first anime saw : robotech
42. TV anime i love : Beast Wars (all the seasons of Beast Wars before they went back to Cybertron)
43. favorite Beast Wars character : Rinox
44. like the average body of a female
45. wear contacts
46. cant live without music
47. dislike rap
48. sexuality : straight
49. relationship status : single
50. last relationship : can't remember

hmm... alot of stuff are misplace. but this is at least 50 things about myself


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Nov 17, 2005
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[1] I may be filipina, yet I am not like one. >__> I'm not girly enough, methinks. But there are a people I know who are like me...:nuts..I think it may have been my fault...:nuts oh God...
[2] ^That's because I was born in the UAE, rather than the Philippines and have lived my whole life here.
[3] I hate racists, and I love the fact that all my friends are from a mixed culture. ^_^
[4] I'm quite fond of Muslims, and I tend to always defend them in forums, when I see people saying stupid stuff against them.
[5] I'm...religious in a way. >.> I pray every night, and we go to Church regularly every week.
[6]I never drank alchohol in my life except whenever I take the Holy Bread at church, which has a few White Wine in it. And...I'm not planning on becoming like my cousins in the Philipines, who drink beer almost every day. No, thank you. They force the drink on me :bored
[7] I'm not planing on smoking either.
[8] I'm chubby and proud of it. ^_^ I'm not like those girls who whine for a thin, hot bod. It's just :iik for me. I'm happy with the way I am. Heck, what's the use of trying hard for something when I won't feel happy at all?
[9] I love food. Hence, the statement above.
[10] I hate vegetables, except for a few.
[11] I am an Asuma/Urahara/Logan/Sven/Johnny Depp fan girl and nothing will get in the way between me and them. @___@ Is it obvious...?
[12] I want to visit a lot of places, like Japan. Well...I meant, I want to visit Japan.
[13] I always fight with my brother. Literally. REAL FIGHTING. :spaz
[14] My friends say I'm spazzy, funny and weird. Am I?
[15] I hate high school., I hate MY High School.
[16] I never study for school, and I usually study for an examination the night before the day itself. As for tests, I study on the day itself. I get passing marks...which means, if I did study, I might've gotten a full mark.
[17] I don't care about studies. -_-;;; I jsut want to do whatever course I've been wanting to do in College. Fine Arts, Photography and Digital Arts. That's why Idon't bother with msot of my subjects nowadays. Do you know, that schools in the UAE only provide two choices in Grade 9-11? Business or Science. WTF.
[18] I love the subjects History and English.
[19] *cough* If it wasn't obvious enough, then, I'm a pairings fan girl.
[20] I'm in love with the colour Green. 90% of the products I buy *school bag, etc.* are Green. Or black. ^o^
[21] I play the guitar.
[22] I love imagining and day dreaming.
[23] Ken chan knows this but...*cough*
I still sleep with my doll, which I've had since I was three. I'm a huge fan of huggable toys. I have more than 50 of them.
[24] I'm a huge fan of Classical Disney films.
[25] I really want to meet my close online friends someday. We may not be able to buy an island in the Palms, but I'm willing to meet up with them, one day, and give them a huge glomp.
[26] I seem to be one of the few people in this country who are really huge fans of animes/mangas. Like everyone else here, I try to pinpoint every detail in each and every one of them Apparently, it's quite rare here, which is why I spend my time online in the forums, jsut to discuss them.
Apparently, most of the members are even more into the anime/manga that I can't keep up with them. :bored
[27] I still feel like a kid. I don't want to grow up. I'm not immature or anything, but I tend to play around more than just sit down and talk. I can't stand missing all these once I turn 18. That's why, I dread the day I turn 18. Which is important for filipino girls, since it's their debut. Or rather, the day they become adults. ;_; talking about it is damn depressing me.
[28] I love music.
[29] I hate Britney, Paris and Hillary Duff.
[30] I'm a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and X files.
[31] I'm also a fan of crack pairings. >.>
[32] I'd watch any movie made by Tim Burton, or which starts Johnny Depp.
[33] I'm left handed.
[34] I've been drawing since I was 2 and a half. My first full drawing which I remember was actually a Santa Clause. If I find it, I'll scan it out. Drawn at 3 yrs old.
[35] I was born on Friday the 13th. ^_^ Year of the Snake, and...well. Born somewhere around 1:30, or in other words, 13:30. I was also born on the thriteenth floor. Rumour has it that my room number had 13 on it, but that's going too far.
[36] I have a strange obsesssive liking to the number 13 and 3.
[37] I love exotic animals, and would like to keep a snake. Actually, I love any animal. XD
[38] I love dragons as well. ORLY?!?!?!
[39] I never learnt how to draw. I just do. My dad says I got it from him. I believe him. He's an artist designer.
[40] I'm horrfied and scared with meeting up with other filipinos. I suck at tagalog, and it sound wrong. People tend to giggle at the way I talk in Tagalog. >.> Also...there's something about most filipinos that I am msot definitely not like. Must be my stereotype of them...but most of it is true. XD But I still love them, no matter what.
[41] I am not girly. NEVER EVER will I wear a gown. Thus, I'm scared at the upcoming Graduation, and when I turn 18, I'm suppose to wear one. *dies*
[42] I once...punched and made a boy older, and bigger than me, cry.
[43] I love sports. I love watching Extreme sports as well.
[44] I have trouble with concentrating on stuides. The other reason why I dont' study anymore is because I can't seem to concentrate on it. Take away everything distracting me, like the Computer, TV, etc, yetmy mind won't ever concentrate on the first line.
This is because, if I hate, loathe, or even get bored of the subject, my mind suddenly closes up and moves on to some imaginary world. I start making up stuff in my head, and my face just goes blank and stays in that imaginary place.
[45] Due to my imaginary mind, I I love writing fics. Though I never release them, I still write. I love reading fics as well. XD
[46] I'm a book worm.
[47] I have friends from different grades. As in, I tend to be friends with people of different ages. In my previous school, I had friends from Lower Kindergarten till Grade 11, which was the last grade. ^_____^
[48] My friends are also very different from each other. I'm in different groups, but it's all mixed. No one has one same interest. I like making friends with different people. It's interesting.
[49] I'm in love with fantasy/action/adventure anything. XD Like, myths, crie and suspense. Whatever. Even horror stuff. It all seems so imaginative, and fun to think up of, and tink about everyday. I tend to do alot of thinknig.
[50] This is my first modding job on a forum. ^_^
[51] I'm definitely a typo queen. I'm afraid that more than 50 or even 70% of this psot has loads of typos in it. I fixed up 13% of it, but ioo lazy and there's just too much! :bored

[ r u s h ]

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Dec 29, 2005
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1. 16 Years Old.
2. Im Male
3. Fathers a Doctor/Moms a Nurse.
4. Youngest of 3 Siblings.
5. I Was About 5 Blocks Away When 9/11 Happened.
6. I Absolutely Love My Computer, Which is The Reason As To Why I Can Read The Latest Chapters and Sulk Over the Fillers.
7. I Love Playing Guild Wars, World of Warcraft.
8. I Live in a Pink Stucco'ed House.
9. Im Indian.(asia)
10. Tendency of being *Geeky*.
11. I Wish To Be a Game Designer.
12. I Have a Mazda RX8 Waiting for Me as Soon as i Turn 17 This July 29
13. Naruto is My Favorite Manga. 2nd is Bleach.
14. I Totally Dispise Inuyasha and Fagome. Sesshomaru is Exceptional..Hes Badass :)
15. Favorite Band is Korn
16. Favorite Song is Counting.
17. Im 6'1 Weighing in at 190 lbs.Good Build. Not too Muscular.
18. I Have Long Hair Tied Back. *Imagine Itachi* Yes Yes That Good!!! :D
19. I Absolutely Love Middle Eastern Food and Sushi!!
20. I Got a 90 on My Math A New York State Regents Exam.86 On Living Environment and English On Regents and History a 76.
21. Currently Learning Japanese Language and Culture.
22. I LOVE 24.
23. Junior in High School
24. I Love DLing Animes/Mangas/Shows off Bit Torrent Then Burning Them To DVDs'
25. I Love My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!