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_Sealed By Death_+the struggle within+


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Jul 7, 2006
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This is an attempt at a fanfiction. Bare notice and tear weather from thy strains for better, there are wetter tides to plush your eye, at tales that take wear and wither in the exchanges from boy to hither. This is errrrrrrrrr.......

S E A L E D!

*big flash*

The light is hot on the ball! hot on the ball! Squint! (note to self. invest in cool ball protection!)
Better...Fli..cke.rs...the colour of..the beaneath...the beside...left...right..uphigh? The...AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

*Baby's crying can be heard in the distance.*
Yondaime-SAMA!!!!!Sensi!!!!!Uggh!!!!!!!HEROIC Rouse of the entire village "YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

*Aways off from the fight, hidden from the fight, retreating into the mountains.*

"Brageesu. I am safe now"
"This is good to hear. Where is that you hope to hide before I lose all contact with you? The collective will surely want to know of your whereabouts during this...how shall I say, absence?"

"The Boy. I'll travel with him, and provide the protection from his eternal tormentor for as long as I can manage. It won't be long though....I'll delay him as long as possible, but I shall be overcome and lost within this one. It seems I am a hero, and that's how it should be this time, but I wonder..."

*Contact fizzles out*
Brageesu moves from his hiding place, with speed, and hastens outside the village.
"I'll head back to the Cloud country" He thinks aimlessly to himself."I really can't stand not being able to look him in the eye, either one of them for that matter. I wonder how he knew the Kyuubi would come? Oh well..." Vanishes from view.

*Back to Ground Zero*

"It seems that we have been spared, in return for our Hokage. Yondaime, you leave us this boy, who is cursed by the monster that brought you before Death. This thing, it is a plague that will ravage this world without mercy if unleashed. It cannot come to be, but the possibilty is never far from belief."

"These words briefly escape without pause or hesitation in a matter befitting a leaders respone to a call. He has already answered. It is serene how it seems the shroud had never left him. As though he had just been waiting to take it back. Ready again to wait for fate, instead of acting before it was too late. This man, Sarutobi..... I never understood you."
I think this to myself. I'm sure everyone else is thinking something along these lines, we have travelled far together, and at this pass I make good fortune to pass by a friend. I can't find the line between good and bad then, and it's just as it is I guess. That's why it hurts, but it's not pain, emotion is not pain. It is life. I'll scream!

"Kyuubi is banished! Yondaime Hokage is the greatest hero of this village that none can surpass!! Not even the Mighty 9-Nine Tails could withstand him! All Hail this God of Shinobi! BANZAI!!!!!!!"

"BANZAI!!!!!!! "'This is a terrible pain, but to live is too live strong!' My ninja way sure knows comfort here. Thank you Yondi. Shikamaru will live on. This generation of children will be saved and shall be readied."

*Begeesu is heading through the forest.*

Thinks to himself. "It's an Incredible jutsu. Enough power to possess even the 9th devil himself to commit to death!"
This thought keeps running through my mind. It seems impossible for him to have learned it so quickly though. I suppose that's why he made it look so easy, such a talent, maybe too talented in the end. Leaner minds would have resolved it with a bit more blood. Such pity that you left your life to save them. Just a fool.

*Quickens his pace as ninjas start approachin from the rear*

"Anbu Uchicha Fan Out!"

"Euh!" I'll leap for you now and avoid your throat on the way worm, such is this accursed bond of blood that we share. Shimata..."Hey! This pill they made me take has such a taste!" Gets dizzy. "It's coming back on, so much more so, just like before, I want this more of the time!" Silent emo-kill training takes over his mind.

***Chapter End Ninja Lesson With Dueces!*
Lowering the number of brain activites reduces the amount of chakra used to think, which resonates with chakra seekers/sensors/receptors/ the loudest of all chakra activities that you can perform.
Brain deaded means no unleaded, if you were compared to say a car.

Cars with gas run. Cars with no gas collect dust and rust. Cars which run on empty are deadly with intent, or a crash yielding event

*This concludes Ninja Lesson 101*

Ends Chapter.

This seems like a good place to stop for now. I have a wierd style i'm sure, but if you can follow it, and see this sketch that i've tried to draw out with thoughts of those who would have been there. Seen the events, and acted in accordance with them. Let me know if I should stick to regular story telling, or continue.