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Original Work A Trail of Blood

Discussion in 'Fanfics and Stories' started by Arjuna, May 7, 2017.

  1. Arjuna

    Arjuna Registered User

    MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted

    Oct 31, 2015
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    Okay i was writing this story in FTB.But as FTB is closing down i will write here.

    The Empire of Radalo.

    A peaceful empire lying by the side of river Midori.The river is it's lifeline.People of this empire worship this river as their mother.

    The empire is peaceful seeking no warfare with their neighbours.But unfortunately for them it is surrounded by hostile neighbours.The border is always suffering from numerous clashes with foreign empires.

    But then that day came

    Year X 446,7th jan


    "Arjun,Arjun wake up" the boy shouted.

    Arjun suddenly jerked up from sleep."Ah what!".Arjun's mind remained vacant for a few moments."Oh Yeah we need to return soon".

    Richard,the boy who called him continued,"Hurry up Arjun,if you are late to the class mama will be angry and you may not get the meal in the orphanage."

    Arjun exclaimed angrily,"I know i know."

    Even though he said that Arjun was very much afraid of their mama in the orphanage.Arjun,Richard and many other of boys and girls were taken by their orphanage.Life there was not easy as it seemed.Because they were trained to be Mages.

    Arjun and Richard hurried to their class.

    Their class was 4 minutes from the meadow where they were resting.They ran to through the narrow streets and came to the market.The market was full of din and bustle as usual.

    "Shit we will be late,"screamed Richard.

    "Not when i am here."AAAAAAAHHHH" Arjun screamed at the top of his voice.This led to men and women to shriek and give them place to go.

    "You are a monster" laughingly said Richard.


    They had reached the college.It was large spacious building with ponds covering it.They soon enter their classroom.

    Luckily they entered just before the class began.

    This school is for training futurw Knights.Knights are trained in magic to fight for their country.But as it is only orphans are choosen to be knights.Children of normal houses are trained to be normal soldiers.Discrimination after all.Orphans are pushed forward towards danger as Knights while normal children are kept safe.

    "Orphan" this word creates a pain in Arjun's heart.He has never seen his Father and Mother in his life.

    Seeing other children with their parents makes his heart shake.

    The earliest he remembers is Uncle Subhojit bringing him to the orphanage.

    "Arjun you will live here now" he said

    Subhojit was a brave knight fighting for Radolo.

    In class as he was about to take his seat Arjun saw Rosalind approaching him."Late again,"she said.

    Rosalind is a tall beautiful figure.Her blond hair sparkles in the air.She is the most beautiful girl in the class.Every boy is after her.But strangely she is after Arjun.Coming from an aristrocratic family she is an exception by joining the knights.

    "Nothing i fell asleep,"blushed Arjun

    Because they are so close apart from Richard every boy is jealous of Arjun.

    Rosalind sat beside Arjun and Richard.

    Then Professor Surge enters the class room.A short man with a stout face he is an object of laughing by most of the students.This is hated by Arjun.Arjun knows Professor Surge is a nice guy and loves his students like his children.He was a great Knight who won many victories for his country.

    "Now children we will start the history class today" he said.

    He continued,"As you know our country is facing a threat from the Arad Empire.Arad Empire has conquered all our neighbouring empires and is now poised to invade us.Their main strength you know lies in their Dragon Slayers - mages who have to ability to shape shift into Dragons.These Dragon Slayers together with their large armies conquered nearly whole of our continent.We do not know from where these Aradians came but their Empire,Army,Navy and most dangerous of all their Dragon Slayers are a threat to world peace.We do not know why only Aradians can transform into Dragons.Suvmch a pity we can't immitate that."

    Arjun felt Rosaling holding his fist tightly out of fear.Arjun knew they have a huge border of magical line which cannot be broken from outside but still people is afraid of Arad Empire.

    But whatever comes he will protect his family no doubt.
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  2. Globear

    Globear Registered User

    初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner

    May 7, 2017
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    Oh this is the one I've already read the first chapter of +.+

    Still a good read though
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