Theory Arima's IXA, Kaneki's Memories, Anti-Ghoul (RC suppresant) serums

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Aug 18, 2015
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Gotei 13
Just some theories/thoughts on TG
1. Arima's IXA, papercut nostalgia
Notice the similarities: Fragmented/Striated patterns on IXA and
chapter 139

TG JACK chapter 7 (what's 1000-7?)

chapter 3 TG JACK

From 7 to V14 (the vault where Arima vs Kaneki).. another number's game.. 21's next? - I'll get back to that later.
"Between 18 and 21, the Squire was finally ready to become a knight. A ceremony invariantly took place to help the knight overcome his problems. The day before the ceremony, the Squire had to fast and bath himself "to cleanse his sins."
Kaneki is 18 at the beginning of the manga and I believe 19-20 near the middle.He's currently 23 in re:.

Coincidence or could this possibly be analogous to Kaneki's transformation

(from ghoul to CCG) and how Arima's quinque resembles a knight's lance?
Note: While rereading TG Jack, I noticed that it's not the first time Arima gets cut (and it's on the SAME exact side of his face)
(recall my last thread on this parallel b/w the One-shot and TG)

And then Ishida reminding us that Arima can and will die:
chapter 3

hmm... hindsight?
Last note on TG Jack:

"Post-event treatment"
It was only mentioned in that panel. Really curious if it has anything to do with Sasaki's treatment which was planned beforehand. We've seen a lot of tech improvements throughout the manga so it wouldn't be much of a surprise.
Or it could just be trauma treatment to prevent PTSD or paranoia of ghouls.

Ishida's classic reflection
Chapter 33 of part 1 and re:
2. Who will trigger Kaneki's memories?
Let's cross out People/events/objects that haven't:
Touka, Coffee scent/taste, Hinami(and her reading lessons), those "Black Egg" books, his signature, the leather ghoul mask, Uta (his shop and tattoos too), Yomo, vs Takizawa, Akira, Nishiki, Tsukiyama

My estimates: (In no particular order)
-1. Excessive torture/Near death - During the auction raid, Kanae manage to deal heavy damage unto Sasaki.

Result: Kaneki's debut in re:

His subconscious gives us a visit and once again he contemplates his sanity.
-2. Amon because of their similar nature/disposition (inquisitive personalities- questioning the
relationship between ghouls and humans, "Is it my fault or the worlds'?") and their subtle attempts to
rationalize with eachother. I think it's even more probable now that their roles have switched. (Amon
as a ghoul/Kaneki in the CCG)

Amon is out there practicing cannabilism; he refuses to eat humans for obvious reasons. Savage Ghoul but an investigator at heart.

-3. (Most likely, IMO) :Souta(the clown) because he was the very last thing on Kaneki's mind prior to dying.
Counting- 7 (TG Jack) 14 (Arima vs Kaneki) and then

Kaneki's last words:

-4. Loser/Shooting Star Wing (that cockatiel parakeet), because why not?

5. Maybe we won't get Kaneki back?:

- - - -

Eto telling the twin one-eyed ghouls to accept the reality that their parents are dead and that simply substituting them with Dr.Kanou is foolish-they're only tricking themselves.
The same speech can be given about Kaneki/Haise to Tsukiyama, Nishiki, Hinami and all the ghouls who want him to return, sadly.

3. Insight on the anti-ghoul serums

*finger crack*

"a ghoul retaliated"
Now we know whom/from where Jason acquired these serums.

"Our roles reversed in society" -parallel to Amon/Kaneki?

tokage was the guy who killed/tortured the animals (which was blamed on Juuzou)

and it seems like Tokuge is interested in Mitsuki

another torture scene incoming

Dr. "not suspicious" Shiba introduced in chapter 1 re: (connections with Kanou?):

Dr. Shiba (full name hasn't been disclosed) regarding Kakuhou accelerated strength and rc count:

and then:

Full-Kakuja Kaneki incoming
A lot of questions remain- I'll answer another time: Who did Touka visit at the hospital? Where/What happened to Rize?
What's Uta's plan? Where's Hide? Who is Souta?
T̶u̶n̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶n̶e̶x̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶D̶r̶a̶g̶o̶n̶b̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶Z̶
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May 16, 2015
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