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Welcome to Bleach Forum!!!

Title : Bleach
Story By : Kubo Tite
Art By : Kubo Tite
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural
Serialized In : Weekly Shonen Jump
Published : 2001


Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn't change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper and member of the mysterious Soul Society.

While fighting a hollow, an evil spirit that preys on humans who display spiritual energy, Rukia attempts to lend Ichigo some of her powers so that he can save his family; but much to her surprise, Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy.

Now a full-fledged soul reaper himself, Ichigo quickly learns that the world he inhabits is one full of dangerous spirits and, along with Rukia, it's Ichigo's job to protect the innocent from hollows and help the spirits themselves find peace.

In 2005, Bleach was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award in the shounen category.

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Layout for Bleach Section

-Bleach Databooks

-Old Episode Discussions

-El Archivo de Bleach

A brief look at our Boards
  • Main Board
Here you can discuss topics related to Bleach. This is also the place where you can look at new chapter spoilers and discuss them. Until the 24 hour spoiler rule is up you'll have to keep all latest chapter related discussion in the relevant thread.

Available Prefixes for the Main Board

Discussion - This is the prefix that is likely to appear the most often. Threads with this prefix are threads in which there is a topic of discussion that expects actual discussion. All of these threads deal with a topic of the manga.

General - This prefix is for discussion threads that don't necessarily relate to the content of the manga but are still related to the manga. For example, threads that are for humorous intent or creating your own character would receive this prefix.

Power Level
- This prefix is for discussion threads in which characters may be ranked or compared to one another according to power levels or tiers.

Question - This prefix is for discussion threads whose focus is on a specific question instead of a topic.

Theory - This prefix is for discussion threads that are based specifically on theory of the user that do not relate to things that have been concretely established in the manga to a reasonable measure.

  • La Biblioteca de Bleach
This is where you can discuss about the characters, their techniques, the abilities of their zanpakutou and world concepts in Bleach.

Available Prefixes for La Biblioteca de Bleach

Info - This prefix is used only for threads whose purpose is to provide some sort of information. The rules threads, threads where informative material is shared (e.g., volume covers, interviews, etc.), these are things that would receive this prefix.

Character - This prefix is used for all discussions related to a character.

World - This prefix focuses on specific aspects of the Bleach world (as in the universe itself), races, institutions, etc.

Zan Tech - Use this prefix to discuss zanpakutou and its related techniques. This prefix can also be used for a character's techniques, such as kidou and weapons.

-Bleach Databooks
A place where you can find and discuss Bleach Databooks.

  • -El Campo de Batalla de las Almas
This is where all characters are pitted against each other. You can compare their abilities, skills, and anything else that comes to mind. You can come up with a match-up of your own, or discuss a battle from the main storyline.

Available Prefixes for El Campo de Batalla de las Almas

Info - This is the one prefix of the three that you likely will never use. This rules thread is an info thread as would be any other thread that would inform you on this section. (In the main section of Biblioteca, the Info prefix has more uses, but here it is just for rules threads and the like.) The threads that you would actually use for discussions would be the other two; so, you can just ignore this thread prefix mostly.

Canon - This is the prefix you would use for threads involving match-ups that have already occurred in the manga. If the battles have already been fought, then it gets Canon. If you want to discuss what a rematch would be like, it would still get Canon as the prefix, because you have a canonical basis for this fight. Since as you likely well know, Bleach fights are more individually based, and thus it is good to separate match-ups that have that already individual dynamic established.

Conditional - This is the prefix you would use for threads that focus on characters under specific restrictions that do not allow for the characters to access their full potential or uses only a specific version of a character.

Fantasy - This is the prefix that you would use for fights between characters who have never fought each other in the manga before. This goes for any thread pertaining to characters who have yet to fight each other. If the subject of the thread becomes a canon battle, the thread prefix will be changed to Canon, but until then, it will be classified as Fantasy.

Team - This is the prefix you would use for battles where two or more characters are teaming up to fight a foe.
  • Bleach Theater & Arcade
You will find anime, AMVs, games and movie related threads in this sub-section.

-Old Episode Discussions
Older episodes are moved to this particular section, when a new one comes out.

Available Prefixes for Bleach Theater & Arcade

AMV - This is prefix is used for discussing Bleach anime music videos (AMV).

Anime - This is the prefix that is used for discussions directly relating to the Bleach anime material that is not specifically targeted at one episode of the series.

Discussion - This is the prefix used for discussions of topics that relate information from manga with information from other Bleach media (e.g., the anime series, movies, video games, etc.). This is also the prefix that is used for the Bleach Theater & Arcade Mega Convo Thread.

Games - This is the prefix used for discussion directly related to one of the Bleach video games.

Info - This is a prefix that normally users will not be using to label their threads. This prefix is used for the staff to inform you of things in regards to this section. If there is ever some very important announcement, it will likely have this prefix.

Movie - This is the prefix used for discussions directly related to one of the Bleach movies and other feature-length productions like live-action stage shows.

Seiyuu - This is the prefix that is used for all discussion threads for related to the voice actors in the Bleach anime series, OVA, movies, and video games.

Soundtrack - - This is the prefix used for discussions of songs and scores from any Bleach medium.

TV/OVA - This is the prefix that is used for all discussion threads for episodes of the Bleach anime series. Typically, only one thread with this prefix will be in the main forum at a time. All other threads with this prefix may be found here.

  • Bleach Playground
This is the forum to have lighthearted conversations about Bleach, to play games, relax, unwind, and have fun.

Available Prefixes for Bleach Playground

Games - This is the prefix that is used for Bleach themed game threads such as "Last letter of the Word Continuea" and "Hangman".

Favorites - This is the prefix that is used for lists and favorites topics which include any discussion more expansive than allowed on the main board or La Biblioteca de Bleach. Favorite page, favorite art, favorite chapters, or anything similar..

What-If - This is the prefix used for alternative scenarios, i.e. any discussion that focuses on what might have changed if things happened differently.

Design - This is the prefix used for any verbal or graphical design related to the Bleach world. New Bleach characters, new abilities or new styles for new and existing characters, new places, or anything similar.

Discussion - This is a prefix used for threads which don't fit into any of the above. It can be about any discussion that takes liberties with or expands on the Bleach world.

  • Bleach Chapter and Review Archive
This is the forum that old chapter discussion and review threads are archived.

-El Archivo de Bleach
The "outdated" threads are moved to this section. The threads are locked, however, so if you are interested in reviving any particular thread(s), feel free to post here. In a nutshell, by moving inactive threads to this El Archivo, the other boards will be more orderly as many threads can be or will be moved into the El Archivo de Bleach. As members, our valued Bleach fans have the opportunity to have a greater impact on what threads that will "die and live", so we encourage you to visit this section frequently. And please keep in mind, the decision to whether move a thread from El Archivo rests with the Staff.
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